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Faculty, staff, students, and alumni are often recognized by the Tippie College of Business and the University of Iowa through various award programs. The top UI and Tippie College awards and recipients are listed below.

University of Iowa Awards

Catalyst Award

This award honors faculty or staff members, programs or departments, and students or student organizations engaged in diversity initiatives during the previous academic year that have promoted the development of an inclusive, diverse campus community.

  • 2015—Jennifer Blair (Undergraduate Program Office)

David J. Skorton Staff Excellence Award in Service to the University of Iowa

This award is given annually to individuals who have made significant contributions and have shown "exceptional imagination and dedication to improving the university community." Service must include activities of high quality in staff government, committee work, policy improvement, program creation, etc., and must be outside normal job responsibilities.

  • 2006—Maggie Jesse (Stead Technology Services Group)

Hancher-Finkbine Alumni Medallion

Hancher-Finkbine Medallions were established in 1964 and named for the founder of the Finkbine Dinner, William O. Finkbine, and for Virgil M. Hancher, a student guest at the first dinner who served for 24 years as president of the University of Iowa. Seven medallions are awarded annually, including one to a graduate who has attained special distinction. Tippie alumni who have received this medallion are:

  • 2013—Janice Ellig, BBA 1968 (Marketing)
  • 2004—John Pappajohn, BSC 1952 (Commerce and Science)
  • 2002—Henry B. Tippie, BSC 1949 (Accounting)
  • 1998—Marvin Pomerantz, BSC 1952 (Commerce and Science)
  • 1969—Howard R. Bowen, Ph.D. 1935 (Commerce and Science)

Hancher-Finkbine Distinguished Student Leader Award

This award recognizes students who have exhibited meritorious qualities in leadership, learning, and loyalty.

  • 2014—Mark Van Heukelom, JD/MBA14
  • 2008—Elise R. Runde Voss, BBA08 (Finance/Marketing)
  • 2006—Florin Ilie Oprescu, MBA/MPH08
  • 2005—Jonathan M. Sargent, BBA05 (Finance)
  • 2001—Monica A. Foley (Finance)
  • 1992—Deniz Ones, PhD93 (Business Administration)
  • 1987—Mark D. Freeman, MBA87
  • 1986—Paul G. Thompson, BBA85 (Economics)
  • 1983—Patrick J. Muller, BBA83 (Finance)

Hancher-Finkbine Faculty Medallion

Hancher-Finkbine Medallions were established in 1964 and named for the founder of the Finkbine Dinner, William O. Finkbine, and for Virgil M. Hancher, a student guest at the first dinner who served for 24 years as president of the University of Iowa. Seven medallions are awarded annually, including one to a professor. Tippie faculty members who have received this medallion are:

  • 2008—Gary Fethke (Management Sciences/Economics)
  • 1996—Nancy Hauserman (M&O)
  • 1985—Jude West (M&O)
  • 1975—Eleanor M. Birch (Management Sciences)

Hancher-Finkbine Student Medallion

Hancher-Finkbine Medallions were established in 1964 and named for the founder of the Finkbine Dinner, William O. Finkbine, and for Virgil M. Hancher, a student guest at the first dinner who served for 24 years as president of the University of Iowa. Seven medallions are awarded annually, including four to outstanding students. Tippie students who have received this medallion are:

  • 2011—Roberto Paniagua (Economics)
  • 2010—Laura J. Nass (Economics)
  • 2009—Erin B. Cavanagh (Accounting)
  • 2007—Thomas A. Niblock (Economics)
  • 2005—Cheryl Davenport (Economics)
  • 2003—Andy Stoll (Management)
  • 1999—Kristin Kaye Lee (Finance)
  • 1997—Latonia Haney (Finance)
  • 1996—Cher Mosbrucker (Business Administration)
  • 1995—Tanya Sue Kopps (Economics/Finance)
  • 1992—Natalie Spears (M&O)
  • 1988—Kim Kirsten Williams (Business Administration)
  • 1976—Calvin C. Christensen (Accounting/Finance)
  • 1975—Eva J. Cram (Finance)

Honorary Doctoral Degrees

A commitee of UI faculty receives nominations for honorary degrees and forwards recommendations to the university president and provost. The Iowa Board of Regents reviews and approves honorary degree requests.

  • 2014 (May)—Leonard Hadley
  • 2011 (May)—Jerre Stead
  • 2010 (May)—John Pappajohn
  • 2009 (December)—Henry B. Tippie
  • 2007 (December)—Marvin Pomerantz

Honors Award for Alumni and Friends

The Honors Program hopes to recognize an especially distinguished alumni or friend each year who has promoted honors education here and beyond the campus. The award is given during the Honors Commendation Ceremony held in May the evening before graduation. Awardees may give a public talk and each receives a memento and certificate signed by the honors director and university president.

  • 2014—Thomas Niblock, BBA07 (Economics)
  • 2013—Andy Stoll, BBA03 (Management)
  • 2011—Carol Fethke, MA66, PhD71 (Economics)

Honors Staff Award for Campus Support

The Honors Program professional staff recognizes the particular efforts of an individual whose moral and administrative support for the Honors Program looms especially large in the lives of honors educators and students at Iowa. Awardees receive a memento and certificate signed by the honors director and university president at the Honors Recognition Ceremony held in April.

  • 2006—Lola Lopes (M&O)

Improving Our Workplace Award (IOWA)

The IOWA affords supervisors and coworkers the opportunity to recognize staff for initiative and innovation that has had positive results in their workplace. Nominations are taken twice a year, and a spring reception is held to acknowledge fall and spring winners.

  • 2010—Ryan Daedlow, for developing an online registation system for Tippie students to schedule advising meetings
  • 2008—Jeff Reuter, for a new print-from-anywhere service
  • 2006—Nancy Hauserman, for exceptional effort in creating positive results in the workplace

James N. Murray Faculty Award

The Beta Iota Circle of Omicron Delta Kappa established the James N. Murray Faculty Award in 1985 to honor one of its prized alumni. The award honors the late professor and chair of the UI Department of Political Science by celebrating his heartening interactions with undergraduate students. The award is given to a tenure-tack faculty member who has not yet received tenure, typically a younger scholar with less than six years of service at the university. Recipients demonstrate outstanding rapport with students and create an exemplary classroom atmosphere.

  • 2004—Kenneth Brown (M&O)

Jean Y. Jew Women's Rights Award

The Council on the Status of Women established this award (cosponsored by the Women's Resource and Action Center) in 1992 to honor Jean Y. Jew and others who demonstrate outstanding effort or achievement in improving the status of women on the University of Iowa campus.

  • 1995—Nancy Hauserman (M&O)

Lane Davis Award for Honors Team-Teaching (from UI Honors Program)

Professor Lane Davis excelled at team teaching, and this award, named in his honor, recognizes and encourages faculty to team teach honors students. Given by the Honors Program, awardees receive a memento and certificate signed by the honors director and university president. Presentation is made during the Honors Commendation Ceremony held in May the evening before graduation.

  • 2010—Amy Colbert (M&O)
  • 2010—Kenneth Brown (M&O)

M.L. Huit Award

Each year, the UI chapters of Omicron Delta Kappa and Mortar Board honor societies present the Marion L. Huit Award to a tenured faculty member. The award was established in 1978 to recognize Huit's outstanding dedication and service to students of the University of Iowa during his tenure as dean of students. It is presented annually to a faculty member who best characterizes Huit's contributions to university and community life.

  • 1985—Irwin Levin (Marketing)
  • 1984—Emmett Vaughan (Finance)

Michael J. Brody Award for Faculty Excellence in Service

The Brody Award is named in honor of the late Michael J. Brody, former president of the UI Faculty Senate. It recognizes outstanding faculty who have made exceptional contributions to the UI and the community.

  • 2014—Joyce Berg (Accounting)
  • 2000—Jude West (M&O)
  • 1992—Nancy Hauserman (M&O)

Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award

The Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award, given by the Graduate College, recognizes exemplary mentoring of doctoral students by members of the UI graduate faculty. Each year, different UI departments are eligible.

  • 2008—Frank Schmidt (M&O)
  • 2004—Charles Whiteman (Economics)

Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award

The Council on Teaching gives this award to teaching assistants who have demonstrated outstanding ability as teachers at the University of Iowa.

  • 2013-14—Cody Reeves (M&O)
  • 2012-13—Patrick Downes (M&O)
  • 2011-12—Steven Charlier M&O)
  • 2010-11—Russell Guay (M&O)
  • 2009-10—Tamara Lynn Giluk (M&O)
  • 2008-09—Susan Dustin (M&O)
  • 2006-07—Timothy Hubbard (Economics)
  • 2005-06—David Folsom (Accounting)
  • 2005-06—Rob Rouwenhorst (Marketing)
  • 2004-05—Vasile Dan Caprar (M&O)
  • 2004-05—Todd Walker (Economics)
  • 2002-03—Brett Anderson (Accounting)
  • 2001-02—Michael Haley (Economics)
  • 1998-99—Scott Vandervelde (Accounting)
  • 1997-98—Michael Cipriano (Accounting)
  • 1996-97—Hong Xie (Accounting)

Philip G. Hubbard Human Rights Award

Established in 1981, this award honors Philip G. Hubbard, UI Vice President for Student Services and Dean of Academic Affairs from 1966 to 1989. He served as the faculty representative on the first UI Human Rights Committee (established in 1963) and dedicated himself to human rights and equal opportunity throughout his distinguished career. The Human Rights Committee selects a UI student who has made the most outstanding contribution in the area of human rights during the previous year and who most exemplifies the principles held by Dr. Hubbard.

  • 2013—Zach Heffernen (Management/Marketing)

President and Provost Award for Teaching Excellence

This award is given each year by the Council on Teaching to three tenure-track or clinical-track faculty members and one instructor in a lecturer, visiting faculty, or adjunct faculty position in recognition of their sustained high level of teaching excellence.

  • 2013-14—Gale Mote (M&O)
  • 2011-12—Jay Christensen-Szalanski (M&O)
  • 2009-10—Nancy Hauserman (M&O)
  • 2009-10—Todd Houge (Finance)
  • 2008-09—Kenneth Brown (M&O)

Presidential Lecture

The Presidential Lecture series provides an opportunity for distinguished members of the faculty to present significant aspects of their work to members of the UI community and to the general public. The series provides a public forum for UI scholarship, research, and creative achievement.

  • 2013—Sara Rynes-Weller, "Leading in the New Wave of Change" (M&O)

Regents Award for Faculty Excellence

Given by the Board of Regents, State of Iowa, the Regents Award for Faculty Excellence honors faculty members for work representing a significant contribution to excellence in public education.

  • 2013—Sara Rynes (M&O)
  • 2006—Jarjisu (Jay) Sa-Aadu (Finance)
  • 2002—Robert Forsythe (Economics)
  • 2000—Daniel Collins (Accounting)
  • 1998—Irwin Levin (Marketing)
  • 1996—Frank Schmidt (M&O)
  • 1991—Jennifer Reinganum (Economics)

Robert F. Ray Faculty Representative Award

This award is presented by the UI Board in Control of Athletics to a male and female student-athlete who demonstrate outstanding academic excellence, athletic excellence, and leadership. The award is named after a former dean and longtime UI faculty representative to the Big Ten Conference.

  • 2013—Garret Dunn (BBA13 Finance/Accounting)
  • 2009—Robert Bruggeman (BBA08 Finance)
  • 2006—Stacy May (BBA07 Accounting)
  • 2004—Tyler Nixt (BBA04 Accounting, M.Ac.05)
  • 2003—Kristin Johnson (BBA04 Accounting)
  • 2000—Todd Strada (BBA00 Finance)
  • 2000—Shera Wiegler (BBA00 Finance)
  • 1999—Amy Herrig (MBA01)
  • 1999—Matt Reischl (BBA99 Finance)
  • 1998—Justin Pohn (BBA98 Marketing)
  • 1997—Peter Masucci (BBA97 Finance)
  • 1994—Kevin Herd (BBA93 Marketing, MBA96)
  • 1993—Andrea Wieland (MBA02)
  • 1992—Edmond Lewis (MBA93)
  • 1989—Chuck Hartlieb (BBA88 Finance)
  • 1984—Dee Ann Davidson (BBA85 Accounting)

UIAA Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award

This award is granted to UI graduates or former students for significant accomplishments in business or professional life or for distinguished human service to their community, state, or nation.

  • 2015—Tom Kloet, BBA74
  • 2014—Sheri A. Salata, BBA80
  • 2013—Stephen S. Rasmussen, BBA74
  • 2013—Theodore M. Seldin, BA53
  • 2013—Kenneth C. Leuer, BSC56
  • 2009—Daniel E. McLean, BBA70
  • 2007—Matthew Bucksbaum, BA49 (economics)
  • 2003—Patrick Baird, BBA76
  • 2003—Alan Larson, BBA73
  • 2002—Fred Luthans, MBA62, PhD65
  • 2000—W.A. "Bill" Krause, BA57
  • 1999—Darlene L. Paris, BBA62
  • 1998—Kathleen A. Dore, BA72, MBA84
  • 1995—Leonard A. Hadley, BSC58
  • 1993—Gary H. Mears, BSC58
  • 1992—Kenneth L. Otto, BSC56
  • 1992—Jerre L. Stead, BBA65
  • 1990—John J. Balles, BSC43, MA47
  • 1989—Howard A. Cutler, MA41
  • 1989—Dwight C. Vredenburg, BSC35
  • 1987—Jack MacAllister, BSC50
  • 1985—Daniel J. Krumm, BSC50
  • 1984—H. John Hawkinson, BA36 (commerce and science)
  • 1983—Newell P. Crockett Jr., BSC43
  • 1982—Robert A. Olson, BSC33, JD35
  • 1980—Jack A. Laughery, BSC57
  • 1979—George P. Nissen, BSC37
  • 1978—Ivan O. Bull, BSC47

UIAA Distinguished Faculty/Staff Award

This award is granted to retired or former UI faculty/staff member in recognition of significant achievement or specific meritorious service on behalf of the quality and advancement of the university.

  • 2013—Nathan (Gene) Savin
  • 2006—Jude West, PhD69

UIAA Distinguished Friend of the University Award

This award is granted to individuals who are not alumni of the univesity in recognition of specific and meretorious service on behalf of the quality and advancement of the university and/or the Alumni Association.

  • 2014—The Gerdin Family
  • 2008—Mary Joy Stead
  • 2000—Richard O. Jacobson
  • 1995—Stanley M. Howe

UIAA Distinguished Alumni Hickerson Recognition Award

This award is granted to graduates or former students for outstanding contributions to the University of Iowa Alumni Association. It is named in honor of the late Loren Hickerson, BA40, the university's first full-time alumni director and ardent champion of Iowa.

  • 1993—Thomas D. Smith, BBA62

UIAA Distinguished Alumni Service Award

This award is granted to UI graduates or former students for specific and meritorious service to their university, community, state, or nation.

  • 2015—Dana Ramundt, BBA74
  • 2012—Curtis K. Lane, BBA73
  • 2011—Janice Reals Ellig, BBA68
  • 2011—Robert W. Verhille, BSC55
  • 2008—Stephen West, BBA69
  • 2005—Lloyd J. Palmer, BSC49
  • 2004—Orville W. Bloethe, BSC41, JD47
  • 2003—Jim Hanson, BSC58
  • 2002—Kelly J. Hayworth, BBA83, MBA85
  • 2001—Terrence J. Mulligan, BS68, SE68
  • 2001—Warren G. Lawson, BSC55
  • 1998—Mary Louise (Reynolds) Remy, BSC43
  • 1997—Christian G. "Dutch" Schmidt, BSC34
  • 1996—John W. Buchanan, BSC56
  • 1994—David W. Day, BSC48, PhD51
  • 1994—Shirley (Sindt) Day, BSC48
  • 1991—John G. Pappajohn, BSC52
  • 1990—Mary F. Parden, BSC36
  • 1988—Charles L. Grannon, MA41
  • 1985—Richard C. Kautz, BSC39
  • 1981—Henry B. Tippie, BSC49
  • 1978—Marvin A. Pomerantz, BSC52
  • 1977—Allin W. Dakin, MA27
  • 1965—James W. Birkenstock, BSC35
  • 1965—Paul W. Penningroth, BSC22

UIAA Distinguished Young Alumni Award

This award is granted to UI graduates or former students, age 40 or younger at time of nomination, for significant accomplishments in business or professional life or for service to the university and/or the Alumni Association.

  • 2011—Amanda L. Miller, BBA02
  • 1996—Therese "Terri" Vaughan, BBA79
  • 1989—Charles M. Peters, BS74, JD80
  • 1988—Robert L. Hansen, BBA83
  • 1986—Elizabeth Elder Villafana, BBA80
  • 1984—Joseph M. Welsh, BBA71, MA72

UI Outstanding Staff Award

Given by the UI Staff Council, this award recognizes UI staff members who have made outstanding accomplishments and contributions that significantly benefited or brought honor or recognition to the university. (This award was previously known as the UI Staff Excellence Award.)

  • 2000—Joyce Ruplinger (Stead Technology Services Group)
  • 1998—Dee Hurst (Business and Liberal Arts Placement Office)

Tippie College of Business Awards

Alumnus of the Year

This award recognizes outstanding Tippie alumni for both their distinguished level of professional success and for their engagement with the college. See also Young Alumnus of the Year (below) for alumni under the age of 40.

  • 2014—Dana Ramundt, BBA74

CIMBA Professor of the Year

MBA students annually select the faculty recipient of this award, which is presented at MBA graduation each year.

  • 2013—Ginny Wilson Peters (M&O)
  • 2012—Pierre-Majorique Leger (Management Sciences)
  • 2011—Greg Stewart (M&O)

Collegiate Teaching Award

Collegiate Teaching Awards are the highest honor the college presents to faculty members. Each department nominates one faculty member who has demonstrated dedication to sharing his or her knowledge of business principles and practices with students. A college committee selects the award winners.

  • 2014—Barry Thomas (Management Sciences)
  • 2013—Joe Sulentic (Entrepreneurship)
  • 2012—Bill Hedgcock (Marketing)
  • 2011—Jon Garfinkel (Finance)
  • 2010—John Spitzer (Finance)
  • 2009—Ty Leverty (Finance)
  • 2008—Matt Billett (Finance)
  • 2007—Kenneth Brown (M&O)
  • 2006—Lon Moeller (M&O)
  • 2005—David Hensley (M&O)
  • 2004—Todd Houge (Finance)
  • 2003—Nancy Hauserman (M&O)
  • 2002—Thomas George (Finance)
  • 2001—Amy Kristof-Brown (M&O)
  • 2000—Terry Boles (M&O)
  • 2000—Ted Temzelides (Economics)
  • 1999—Baba Shiv (Marketing)
  • 1998—Daniel Collins (Accounting)
  • 1998—Thomas Rietz (Finance)
  • 1997—Catherine Cole (Marketing)
  • 1997—Irwin Levin (Marketing)
  • 1996—Amy Dunbar (Accounting)
  • 1996—John Solow (Economics)
  • 1995—Puneet Handa (Finance)
  • 1994—Beth Ingram (Economics)
  • 1993—Richard Stevenson (Finance)
  • 1992—Edward Conlon (M&O)
  • 1991—N. Eugene Savin (Economics)
  • 1990—Gary Gaeth (Marketing)
  • 1989—Gary Gaeth (Marketing)

Dean's Teaching Award

The Dean's Teaching Awards are funded by the O. Wayne Rollins Foundation and are given at the discretion of college benefactor Henry B. Tippie, a trustee of the foundation.

  • 2014—Eean Crawford (M&O)
  • 2014—Art Durnev (Finance)
  • 2014—Cristi Gleason (Accounting)
  • 2014—John Murry (Marketing)
  • 2013—Ann Campbell (Management Sciences)
  • 2012—Paul Hribar (Accounting)
  • 2012—Rich McCarty (Entrepreneurship)
  • 2012—Brian Richman (Finance)
  • 2012—Nick Street (Management Sciences)
  • 2012—Charles Whiteman (Economics)
  • 2012—Shari Piekarski (Undergraduate Program Office)
  • 2011—Stacey Brook (Economics)
  • 2011—Sam Burer (Management Sciences)
  • 2011—Rick Mergenthaler (Accounting)
  • 2011—Frank Schmidt (M&O)
  • 2011—Alice Wang (Marketing)
  • 2010—Faiz Currim (Management Sciences)
  • 2010—Gary Gaeth (Marketing)
  • 2010—Gale Mote (M&O)
  • 2010—Ryan Wilson (Accounting)
  • 2010—Yuzhe Zhang (Economics)
  • 2009—Amy Colbert (M&O)
  • 2009—Cathy Cole (Marketing)
  • 2009—Ayca Kaya (Economics)
  • 2009—Jeff Ohlmann (Management Sciences)
  • 2008—Gabrielle Camera (Economics)
  • 2008—Tom Carroll (Accounting)
  • 2008—Lopo Rego (Marketing)
  • 2008—Greg Stewart (M&O)
  • 2008—Barry Thomas (Management Sciences)
  • 2007—David Collins (Marketing)
  • 2007—Phil Jones (Management Sciences)
  • 2007—Lynn Pringle (Accounting)
  • 2007—B. Ravikumar (Economics)
  • 2007—Ashish Tiwari (Finance)
  • 2006—Shannon Bradshaw (M&O)
  • 2006—April Franco (Economics)
  • 2006—Cristi Gleason (Accounting)
  • 2006—Jay Sa-Aadu (Finance)
  • 2006—Randy Schultz (Marketing)
  • 2005—Jon Garfinkel (Finance)
  • 2005—Robert Hartman (Accounting)
  • 2005—Johannes Ledolter (Management Sciences)
  • 2005—Matt Mitchell (Economics)
  • 2005—D.J. Nayakankuppam (Marketing)
  • 2004—Kenneth Brown (M&O)
  • 2004—Tim Lowe (Management Sciences)
  • 2004—John Murry (Marketing)
  • 2004—Sonja Rego (Accounting)
  • 2004—John Solow (Economics)

Early Career Research Award

This award was established by the Elected Faculty Council to recognize a faculty member's contributions to research early in his or her academic career.

  • 2014—Bill Hedgcock (Marketing)

Edith Ennis Award

This award was established in 1985 to honor Edith Ennis, a member of the college faculty for more than 31 years.

  • 2013—Rich McCarty (Entrepreneurship)
  • 2012—Shari Piekarski (Undergraduate Program Office)
  • 2011—Melissa Baker (Undergraduate Program Office)
  • 2011—Gary Fethke (Finance and Management Sciences)
  • 2010—Bev Berg (Finance)
  • 2009—Warren Boe (Management Sciences)
  • 2008—Jane Schildroth (Pomerantz Career Center)
  • 2007—Joyce Berg (Accounting)
  • 2006—Renea Jay (Dean's Office)
  • 2006—Jessica Renaud (Frank Communications Center)
  • 2005—Vicki Metz (Facilities Management)
  • 2004—Carolyn Stoddard (Copy Center)
  • 2003—Dave Martin (Pomerantz Business Library)
  • 2002—Linda Knowling (Dean's Office)
  • 2001—Maggie Jesse (Computer Services Office)
  • 2000—Kathie Decker (MBA Career Services)
  • 2000—Gary Gaeth (Marketing/School of Management)
  • 1999—Colleen Downie (School of Management)
  • 1998—Joyce Ruplinger (Stead Technology Services Group)
  • 1993—Chris Quinn Trank (M&O)
  • 1986—Vi Kuebler (Office of Management and Business Development)
  • 1985—Phyllis Irwin (Instructional Support Services Office)

Elected Staff Council I3 Award

This award recognizes a Tippie staff member who demonstrates one or all of the following areas of the college's goals, mission, and values: Integrity, Innovation, Impact. Up to three awards may be given each year.

  • 2014—Jennifer Blair (UPO)
  • 2014—Courtney Blind (Alumni Relations)
  • 2014—Michelle Highly (Marketing)

Elected Staff Council Rookie of the Year Award

This award recognizes a Merit or Professional & Scientific Tippie staff member who has been affiliated with the college a minimum of one year but less than three years. He or she should show potential for further contributions to the college.

  • 2014—Jennifer Haywood (CIMBA)

Executive MBA GREAT Instructor of the Year

GREAT Instructor of the Year awards are given by Executive MBA students students to faculty who demonstrate Genuine interest in students' success in both work environment and classroom, Relevancy of all materials presented in the classroom to the students' business, Enthusiasm and excitement in the delivery of materials, Application orientation in all concepts and models, and True testimony to the value of the delivered program. Recipients receive a commemorative clock at the August residency week kickoff dinner.

  • 2014—Ken Brown (M&O)—from Cedar Rapids class
  • 2014—Art Durnev (Finance)—from Iowa City class of 2015
  • 2014—Jon Garfinkel (Finance)—from Iowa City class of 2014
  • 2014—Lon Moeller (M&O)—from Cedar Rapids Dual Degree Program
  • 2013—Art Durnev (Finance)
  • 2013—Greg Stewart (M&O)
  • 2012—Jon Garfinkel (Finance)
  • 2012—Paul Hribar (Accounting)
  • 2011—Sam Burer (Management Sciences)
  • 2011—Jon Garfinkel (Finance)
  • 2011—Chuck Whiteman (Economics)
  • 2010—Terry Boles (M&O)
  • 2010—Greg Stewart (M&O)
  • 2008—Matt Billett (Finance)
  • 2008—Jude West (M&O)
  • 2006—Matt Billett (Finance)
  • 2006—Chuck Whiteman (Economics)
  • 2005—John Spitzer (Finance)
  • 2004—Kurt Anstreicher (Management Sciences)
  • 2004—John Murry (Marketing)
  • 2004—Roy Suddaby (M&O)
  • 2004—Jude West (M&O)
  • 2004—Chuck Whiteman (Economics)
  • 2003—Kurt Anstreicher (Management Sciences)
  • 2003—John Murry (Marketing)
  • 2002—Kurt Anstreicher (Management Sciences)
  • 2002—Thomas George (Finance)
  • 2002—John Spitzer (Finance)
  • 2001—Kurt Anstreicher (Management Sciences)
  • 2001—John Spitzer (Finance)
  • 2000—Terry Boles (M&O)
  • 2000—Thomas George (Finance)
  • 2000—Johannes Ledolter (Management Sciences)
  • 2000—John Spitzer (Finance)
  • 2000—Timothy Lowe (Management Sciences)
  • 1999—John Spitzer (Finance)

Full-time MBA First-year Core Professor of the Year

This award is given by first-year students to faculty who teach in the Full-time MBA Program.

  • 2013—Jon Garfinkel (Finance)
  • 2012—Jon Garfinkel (Finance)
  • 2011—Matt Billett (Finance)
  • 2010—Gary Fethke (Management Sciences)
  • 2010—Matt Billett (Finance)
  • 2009—Matt Billett (Finance)
  • 2008—Matt Billett (Finance)
  • 2007—Matt Billett (Finance)

Full-time MBA Second-year Core Professor of the Year

This award is given by second-year students to faculty who teach in the Full-time MBA Program.

  • 2013—Nancy Hauserman (M&O)
  • 2012—Gary Gaeth (Marketing)
  • 2011—Gary Gaeth (Marketing)
  • 2010—Gary Gaeth (Marketing)
  • 2009—Ann Campbell (Management Sciences)
  • 2008—Gabriele Camera (Economics)
  • 2007—Frank Rydzewski (M&O)

Full-time MBA Finance Professor of the Year

This award is given by students in the Full-time MBA Program to their most highly regarded faculty member in the Finance Career Academy.

  • 2013—Erik Lie
  • 2012—Todd Houge
  • 2011—Jon Garfinkel
  • 2010—Todd Houge
  • 2009—Todd Houge
  • 2008—John Spitzer
  • 2007—Todd Houge
  • 2006—Ashish Tiwari

Full-time MBA Marketing Professor of the Year

This award is given by students in the Full-time MBA Program to their most highly regarded faculty member in the Marketing Career Academy.

  • 2013—Tom Gruca
  • 2012—John Murry
  • 2011—John Murry
  • 2010—John Murry
  • 2009—Lopo Rego
  • 2008—Lopo Rego
  • 2007—Lopo Rego
  • 2006—Tom Gruca

Full-time MBA Staff Member of the Year

This award is given by students in the Full-time MBA Program to their most highly regarded School of Management staff member.

  • 2013—Mark Winkler
  • 2011—Cathy Zaharis
  • 2011—Nadia Dwight
  • 2010—Colleen Downie
  • 2009—Jodi Schafer
  • 2008—Katie Millard
  • 2007—Stephanie Finney
  • 2006—Stephanie Finney
  • 2005—Shannon Christensen
  • 2004—Shannon Christensen
  • 2002—Jeff Emrich
  • 2000—Jeff Emrich

Full-time MBA Strategic Innovation Professor of the Year

This award is given by students in the Full-time MBA Program to their most highly regarded faculty member in the Strategic Innovation Career Academy.

  • 2013—Sam Burer
  • 2012—Jeff Ohlmann
  • 2011—No award given
  • 2010—Jeff Ohlmann

Gilbert P. Maynard Excellence in Accounting Instruction Award

Created in 1982, this award fosters proficiency and dedication of accounting faculty toward academic instruction. Each year, students submit faculty nominations to a selection committee, which then selects an award recipient who best exemplifies the standards and qualities of Professor Maynard.

  • 2014—W. Bruce Johnson
  • 2013—Cristi Gleason
  • 2012—Joyce Berg
  • 2011—Kevin Den Adel
  • 2010—Richard Mergenthaler
  • 2009—Robert Hartman
  • 2008—Joyce Berg
  • 2007—Tom Carroll
  • 2006—Sonja Rego
  • 2005—Mary Murphy
  • 2004—Robert Hartman
  • 2003—Tom Carroll
  • 2002—Sonja Rego
  • 2001—Valdean Lembke
  • 2000—Lynn Pringle
  • 1999—Amy An
  • 1998—Amy Dunbar
  • 1997—Tom Carroll
  • 1996—Morton Pincus
  • 1995—No award given
  • 1994—Amy Dunbar
  • 1993—No award given
  • 1992—No award given
  • 1991—No award given
  • 1990—Tom Carroll
  • 1989—W. Bruce Johnson
  • 1988—Richard A. Young
  • 1987—Bill Barnes
  • 1986—Russell Petersen & Thomas Linsmeier
  • 1985—Daniel Collins
  • 1984—Silvia Madeo
  • 1983—Albert Schepanski
  • 1982—Valdean Lembke

Hawkinson Institute of Business Finance Distinguished Alumni Award

This award is presented annually in recognition of unwavering commitment to the success of the Hawkinson Scholars program.

  • 2013—Tim Larsen, BBA04
  • 2012—Ryan Domyancic, BBA09, MAc10
  • 2012—Rob Pick, BBA09
  • 2011—Sandy Pfeiler Davis, BBA04
  • 2010—Matt Bowersox, BBA01
  • 2009—Amanda Mahoski, BBA07
  • 2008—Tim Larsen, BBA04
  • 2008—Kevin Hansen, BBA07

Honors Program Faculty Teaching Award (Tippie Undergraduate Program)

  • 1999—Irwin Levin (Marketing)
  • 1998—Carol Fethke (Economics)
  • 1997—Carol Fethke (Economics)

M. Bhanu Murthy Memorial Prize for Excellence in Teaching

This Department of Marketing award was created to honor M. Bhanu Murthy, a Ph.D. student and teaching assistant from the Republic of India. Tragically, he contracted an acute form of leukemia and died in the summer of 1983. The award recognizes teaching assistants with a high standard of teaching, their enthusiam, knowledge, energy, and rapport with students.

  • 2013—Kyle Bogler
  • 2012—Andrew Wiese
  • 2011—Frederico Kopittke
  • 2010—Yun Lee
  • 2009—Megan O'Rourke
  • 2008—Suzanne (Beth) Bellman
  • 2007—Kyuseop Kwak
  • 2006—Robert Rouwenhorst
  • 2005—Robert Hillman
  • 2005—Robert Rouwenhorst
  • 2004—Himanshu Mishra
  • 2003—Nicole Pfeiffer
  • 2002—Sangkil Moon
  • 2001—Inwoo Nam
  • 2000—Linda Kohout
  • 1999—Carolyn Bonifield
  • 1998—Timothy O'Conner
  • 1997—Alexander Fedorikhin
  • 1996—Kathryn Braun
  • 1995—No award given
  • 1994—Bruce Klemz
  • 1993—John Mitelstaedt
  • 1992—Michele Pugh
  • 1991—Peter Noble
  • 1990—Jamshed Mobed
  • 1989—Jamshed Mobed
  • 1988—Miao-Ling Phoebe Lin
  • 1987—Frederick Crawford
  • 1986—Robert Bruns
  • 1985—Deketa Nicholson
  • 1984—Cathy Brown

Oscar C. Schmidt Iowa Business Leadership Award

This award is presented by the college to express its gratitude to the many individuals and organizations that have extended their friendship and support. In addition, it recognizes individuals who have demonstrated outstanding performance in the world of commerce in the belief that business leadership is essential to the economic progress of Iowa and the nation.

  • 2013—Mike Gerdin and the Heartland Express Team
  • 2010—Steve Rasmussen and the Nationwide/Allied Insurance Leadership Team
  • 2007—W.A. "Bill" Krause
  • 2006—Pella Corporation Leadership Team
  • 2005—Lee Enterprises Leadership Team
  • 2004—Tom Bedell
  • 2003—J. Barry Griswell
  • 2002—Marjorie M. Scardino
  • 2001—Donald R. Keough
  • 2000—Clayton M. Jones
  • 1999—Clark E. McLeod
  • 1998—Stanley J. Bright
  • 1997—William T. Kerr
  • 1996—Theodore W. "Ted" Waitt
  • 1995—Leonard A. Hadley, BSC58
  • 1994—Ronald D. Pearson
  • 1992—John Pappajohn, BSC52
  • 1990—Henry J. Meyer
  • 1989—Robert A. Hanson
  • 1988—Richard C. Kautz, BS39
  • 1987—James L. Churchill
  • 1986—Stanley M. Howe
  • 1985—Alex A. Meyer, BSC56
  • 1984—Robert N. Houser
  • 1983—Daniel J. Krumm, BSC50
  • 1982—Ivan O. Bull, BS47
  • 1981—Marvin A. Pomerantz, BSC52
  • 1980—C. Maxwell Stanley

Outstanding Accounting Alumnus Award

This award was established in 1983 to honor graduates who have led a distinguished career and who have provided outstanding service to the department and the university.

  • 2013—Laura Newinski, BBA87
  • 2012—Tom Veale, BBA80
  • 2011—Robert Arzbaecher, BBA82
  • 2010—Ann Madden Rice, MAc83
  • 2009—Greg Ellison, BBA73
  • 2008—Dale Baker, BBA68
  • 2007—Bill Travis, MAc75
  • 2006—Terri Bobek, BS82, MAc83
  • 2005—David F. Licko, BBA69
  • 2004—Kay Hegarty, BBA80
  • 2003—Jonathan F. Eisele, BBA77
  • 2002—Anne L. Buettner, BBA83
  • 2001—James G. Darby, BBA69
  • 2000—Lloyd J. Palmer, BSC49
  • 1999—David J. Kirkpatrick, BBA62
  • 1998—Michael F. Conney III, BBA64
  • 1997—Paul W. Wentzien, BSC59
  • 1996—Kenneth H. Evans Jr., BBA74
  • 1995—Leonard Hadley, BSC58
  • 1994—Thomas G. Rotherham, BBA71
  • 1993—Douglas Calvin, BBA68
  • 1992—Byron Ross, MAc86
  • 1991—James Wiese, BBA70
  • 1990—Charles Billingsley (special award for contributions to accounting education)
  • 1989—Harold Reister, BSC53
  • 1988—Henry Tippie, BSC49
  • 1987—Delbert Wacker, BSC53
  • 1986—Ivan Bull, BSC47
  • 1985—Davey Crockett, BBA64
  • 1984—Herbert Miller, BA36
  • 1983—Norman Tucker, BSC48

Outstanding Service Contribution by a Faculty Member

This award recognizes outstanding service contributions by any tenure- or non-tenure-track faculty member. Criteria include but are not limited to service on collegiate and university committees; leadership at the college, university or on professional committees or socieites; and journal editorships. The awardee is chosen by the Elected Faculty Council of the Tippie College.

  • 2014—Ken Brown (M&O)

Tippie Innovations in Teaching Award

Created by the Elected Faculty Council, this award the innovative ways faculty, staff, and graduate students are being innovative in their teaching.

  • 2014—Melissa Baker (UPO)
  • 2014—Dave Collins (Marketing)
  • 2014—Jon Garfinkel (Finance)
  • 2014—Andy Hosmanek (grad student, M&O)

Young Alumnus of the Year

This award recognizes outstanding Tippie alumni (under the age of 40) for both their distinguished level of early career success and for their engagement with the college. See also Alumnus of the Year (above).

  • 2014—Tom Niblock, BBA07