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Current Projects, 2014-15

Tippie View West
Create a new interactive video wall on the west side of the building.

S/W 401 Redesign
Our boardrooms need a refresh. We are replacing table and technology as appropriate.

Refresh Teak Furniture
We will continue to refresh the teak furniture through the outdoor areas of the building. This includes the patio and the terraces.

S121 Redesign
Add power to desks and dual projection to S121.

Quad Cities Space
Work with SOM to determine a location for Quad Cities classes.

OPN Study
Work with OPN Architects on a space planning study for the College.

Carpet Replacement
Replace carpet in appropriate areas in the building.

2nd Floor Terrazzo
Work with FM to replace center area of 2nd floor with Terrazzo.

S/W 401 AMAG
Add AMAG units onto S/W 401 doors.

Ottoman power
Add power outlets to the wood ottomans in the building.

Door Closers
Continue to remove door closers in the building as appropriate.

S/W 401 podiums
Refinish the podiums in S & W 401.

3rd floor redesign
Redesign the 3rd floor west space and move the appropriate group to that space.

Building Lighting Project
Work with FM on replacing the lighting in the building with more efficient lighting.

Office Moves
Move and remodel 25 offices.

Refinish library tables
Refinish tables in the library.

Group study space
Reconfigure spaces in the library for group study.