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Study Abroad Programs

International opportunities for Tippie undergraduate students.


MBA in the United Arab Emirates

Special program offering for Full-time MBA and PMBA students in January.

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MBA Seminar in Vietnam & Singapore

Course taught in Vietnam and Singapore by University of Iowa faculty.

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Hong Kong Executive MBA

Two-year MBA program designed for working professionals.


Going Global

You’ll gain a global perspective while at the Tippie College of Business through your interactions with classmates, your study abroad experiences, and the guest speakers that we bring to campus.

Studying Abroad

There is no better way to gain a global perspective than to travel and work abroad. Through your affiliation with the Tippie College, you’ll have many opportunities to do just that. It might be a semester or summer in a foreign country in a hands-on internship. It might be through an interim course taught abroad. Or it might be through one of the university’s International Programs offerings. There are many choices and we highly encourage our students to take advantage of these programs. It will change how you see business and how you see yourself.

Interactions with Others

At the Tippie College, there are students from everywhere—from an Iowa farm to the city of Hong Kong. All of our programs, undergraduate and graduate alike, attract students from various countries. Your classroom experiences where you’ll work together in teams and on class projects will provide you with a global perspective. In today’s global economy, you’ll work with people from different cultures and countries. Why not start working with them now?

Guest Speakers

Our many speaker series provide you with access to working professionals. By attending these events, you’ll learn how companies are doing business around the world. Every story is different, every view is unique, and every guest speaker provides you with insights that you may not have had before.