About Tippie


The Henry B. Tippie College of Business develops business leaders and scholars through a comprehensive and high-quality educational experience that is based on the core values of Integrity, Innovation, and Impact. This vision infuses our threefold mission to provide excellent teaching, research, and service. Our focused undergraduate and graduate programs are presented by a faculty talented in basic and applied research and dedicated to integrating theory and practice. Our success is measured by placement statistics, research productivity, the impact our alumni make in their chosen professions, and our national reputation.

We are committed to providing an education that:

  • provides a solid foundation in the functional areas of business and its disciplines;
  • provides students with innovative programming that includes hands-on experiences working with real-life contemporary business challenges and situations;
  • provides exceptional opportunities for our students at all levels to develop specific leadership skills and competencies that will ensure their success in the global marketplace, including:
    • the ability to communicate effectively (listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills);
    • the ability to work effectively in diverse teams;
    • a global perspective on contemporary business practices;
    • the ability to formulate strategies to locate, evaluate, and analyze information using quantitative analytical skills;
    • the ability to think critically and creatively and to use scientific reasoning to solve problems and advance knowledge;
    • the ability to use extant and emerging technologies effectively; and
    • a demonstrated knowledge of ethical thinking and its application to issues in society;
  • leads students to develop a sense of personal integrity and a strong work ethic by stressing that success in life and in the classroom does not come easily—it is earned; and
  • leads students to appreciate the value of conducting their lives and careers “the Hawkeye way”—with integrity, innovation, and impact.