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The architectural design of the Pappajohn Business Building reflects the classic look of other buildings in the heart of the UI campus. This classroom holds 72 students and its tiered semicircular design provides an intimate setting for learning. Smaller rooms provide the setting for upper-level, specialized classes. The largest classroom in the building, Buchanan Auditorium holds more than 350 students. The building has two large colloquia that provide a flexible setting for meetings, dinners, and other special events. Students review course offerings and wait to meet with their advisors in the reception area of the Undergraduate Program Office. The Instructional Technology Center (ITC) in the building is one of the largest computer labs on campus. Certain hours of the day are reserved for use only by business students. Email stations in the lab and throughout the building give students a place to quickly check their email or their course websites. In addition to offering stacks of books and periodicals, the Pomerantz Business Library provides quiet study spaces, small-group meeting rooms, computers with specialized programs, and online access to numerous materials. The Pomerantz Business Library is located on the third floor of the Pappajohn Business Building. One of the hubs for students to gather is Pat's Diner, which provides a variety of options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Throughout the building, there are areas where students can congregate, study, read, and relax between classes. The building's layout includes a spacious courtyard and patio that are popular with students, faculty, and alumni. The college holds many social functions in the courtyard every year. Pictured here is the Homecoming preparade picnic, open to all Tippie College alumni and their families. The patio provides an outdoor space for events like Tippie Fest (pictured) or for enjoying lunch outside. Our central location on campus makes the Pappajohn Business Building a convenient place to have class or to study.