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The Power of I

Read stories that illustrate our integrity, innovation, and impact.

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The Power of I: Integrity. Innovation. Impact.

For 150 years, the Tippie College of Business has provided innovative research, a solid business curriculum, and state-of-the-art programming for students. Alumni are finding great success in their fields. Here, students are discovering The Power of I.

This statement is part of a branding campaign for the college—one of the results of a project to update the Tippie website. Through a series of focus groups, our many audiences (including students, alumni, faculty, and staff) helped us understand what they value and what their perceptions and expectations of the college are. Three attributes specific to the Tippie College emerged: Integrity. Innovation. Impact.

We're about integrity—because people are only as good as their word. We're about innovation and understanding the underpinnings of new products, processes, and businesses. And we're about impact, the kind a Tippie experience has on our students so that they are prepared to change the world after graduation.

In the past few years, the college launched new initiatives to make Iowa's programs more vibrant and resonant with the working world. We've added capacity in the undergraduate program and dramatically improved academic advising. The Tippie Business Solutions Center provides MBA student consulting teams with real-life problems from real-world clients. Career-centered academies in finance, marketing, and strategic innovation provide links to industry as well as the education to qualify for certifications such as CFA and CFP, and specializations in Six Sigma/Lean and brand management.

The Tippie College continues to meet the needs of its students, alumni, and other key stakeholders by basing its business education on integrity, innovation, and impact.

In today's business world, integrity is more important than it has ever been. From Erik Lie's groundbreaking research on options backdating to the student-authored Honor Code, integrity is an integral part of the Tippie experience. Iowa students are known for their work ethic—their ability and willingness to roll up their sleeves and get the job done. It's the Hawkeye way, and at Tippie, it's built into our programs and operations.

Innovative research, programs, and thinking have an impact on our students, the world of business, and academia. The Iowa Electronic Markets (IEM) is the standard for prediction markets and is more accurate at predicting the winner of U.S. presidential elections than most polls. Innovative career-centered academies and institutes link our students to industry and help them see the relevance of their studies firsthand.

It's not just the impact we have on our students; it's the impact our graduates have on their fields. From the corporate boardroom to the academic classroom, Iowa business alumni have made their mark. Iowa graduates are sought out for their abilities, work ethic, and skills. We're proud of their accomplishments, which reflect the integrity, innovation, and impact of our programs.