Faculty Research

Ramji Balakrishnan
  • Cost Structure and Cost Stickiness, Journal of Management Accounting Research, 2014
  • Product Costs as Decision Aids: a Comparison of Alternate Approaches. (Part 1), Accounting horizons, 2012
  • Product costs as Decision Aids: A comparison of Alternate Approaches (part 2), Accounting Horizons, 2012

Joyce Berg

Daniel Collins
  • Financial Reporting & Analysis, 6th edition, McGraw-Hill, Irwin, 2013, 1122
  • Discretionary Accounting Choices and the Predictive Ability of Accruals with Respect to Future Cash Flows, Journal of Accounting & Economics, vol 53, 2012, 330-352
  • Financial Reporting & Analysis, McGraw-Hill, Irwin, 2011

Douglas DeJong
  • Managers: Their Effects on Accruals and Firm Policies, Journal of Business Finance & Accounting, vol 40, 2013, 82-114
  • Royal Ahold: The Role of Corporate Governance, The Glover Handbook of Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility, 2009
  • Investor Relations, Reputational Bonding and Corporate Governance: The Case of Royal Ahold (old title - Royal Ahold: A Failure of Corporate Goverance), Journal of Accounting and Public Policy, vol 26, 2007, 328-375

Cristi Gleason

Paul Hribar

Richard Mergenthaler

Kenneth Njoroge

Mark Penno
  • Rules and Accounting: Vagueness in Conceptual Frameworks, Accounting Horizons, vol 22, 2008, 339-352
  • The Assignment of Decision Rights in Formal Information Systems., Journal Of Management Accounting Research, vol 20, 2008, 83-105
  • Corporate Disclosure and Operational Strategy: Financial versus Operational Success, Management Science, vol 51, 2005, 920-931