The minimum allowable GMAT score is 550 with at least 50% on the verbal portion. The average composite score of the Fall 2013 admitted class was 651.

The first step in preparation for the GMAT is to get a GMAT Information Bulletin from the GMAT website. New bulletins are available in July of each year.

Test Format
The GMAT is designed to measure basic verbal, mathematical, and analytical writing skills. The test does not presuppose any specific knowledge in business nor does it measure achievement in any particular subject area.

Analytical writing analysis of an issue 1 topic 30 min.
Analysis of an argument 1 topic 30 min.
Quantitative problem solving and data sufficiency 37 items 75 min.
Verbal reading comprehension, critical reasoning, and sentence correction 41 items 75 min.

Total test time is approximately 4 hours.

The GMAT is a computer-adaptive test, which means the test adjusts to your individual ability level as you respond to items. The questions in an adaptive test are weighted according to their difficulty. The computer scores each question as you answer it and uses that information, as well as your responses to any preceding questions, to determine which item you will be presented next. Because the computer scores each item before selecting the next one, you must answer every item and you cannot go back to review an item.


You can register for the test on the GMAT website, by phone with a credit card, or by completing the materials in the GMAT bulletin and submitting them with a check.

Students who require special test accommodations must request a copy of the Supplement for Test Takers with Disabilities from ETS. This may be done by mail, phone, TTY, fax, email, or on the GMAT website. Numbers and addresses are listed in the GMAT bulletin.

Test Fees

Current test fee: $250
Includes the mailing of official score reports to five MBA programs. Additional score reports are $25 each.

Rescheduling fee: $50
A test date may be rescheduled only if you call the test center no later than 7 business days in advance of your scheduled test date.

Cancellation refund: $80
A test date may be canceled only if you call the test center no later than 7 business days in advance of your scheduled test date.

Preparing for the Test

The GMAT Powerprep CD-ROM software includes two full-length tests, practice questions, real-time scoring, and online help. The Powerprep software is mailed free of charge when you register for the test, or the program may be downloaded from the GMAT website.

For questions concerning the application process, contact Tom Carroll (, S324 PBB, 319-335-2727).