Ph.D. Alumni

We are justifiably proud of the alumni from our doctoral program. Many, if not most, of our alumni have published in top-tier journals and have done very well in their academic careers. A listing of our Ph.D. alumni is available in Adobe Acrobat format. We are sure that they will be glad to share their Iowa experience with you and give you additional information about the program's many strengths.

Name Grad Year Original Placement Current Placement
Gary L. Holstrum 1970 University of Texas at Austin University of South Florida
Jerry D. Siebel 1970 University of Missouri-Columbia University of South Florida
G. Fred Streuling 1971 University of Texas at Austin Brigham Young University (Retired)
Philip J. Harmelink 1972 University of Tennessee at Knoxville University of New Orleans
Kenneth W. Milani 1972 University of Notre Dame University of Notre Dame
Daniel W. Collins 1973 Michigan State University University of Iowa
Adolph A. Neidermeyer 1974 West Virginia University West Virginia University
William J. Kross 1975 Purdue University Purdue University
Keith W. Lantz 1975 Penn State University Michigan Technological University
Stuart K. Webster 1975 Lehigh University University of Wyoming
Andrews Oppong 1976 University of British Columbia Dalhousie University
Phillip T. Senatra 1976 Iowa State University Lewis & Clark College
Howard R. Toole 1976 San Diego State University San Diego State University
Soong H. Park 1977 University of Illinois Unknown
Fred A. Shelton 1978 University of Wyoming Unknown
Robert D. Swanson 1978 Michigan State University Retired
Doyle W. Banks 1979 Washington University-St. Louis St. Louis University (Retired)
Dennis J. Collins 1979 University of Illinois Unknown
S. Paul Roy 1979 University of Manitoba York University
David C. Burgstahler 1981 University of Washington University of Washington
Clifford T. Cox 1981 University of Alaska Deceased
Clayton Sager 1981 Southern Methodist University University of Wisc.-Whitewater
Frances L. Ayres 1982 University of Oklahoma University of Oklahoma
Stephen A. Butler 1982 University of Michigan Truman State University
Michael B. Doran 1984 Iowa State University Iowa State University
James E. Groff 1984 Oklahoma State University University of Texas-San Antonio
Gerald M. Myers 1984 Pacific Lutheran University Pacific Lutheran University
William K. Salatka 1984 University of Arizona Wilfrid Laurier University
Sung K. Choi 1985 Vanderbilt University Gyongsan University
Judy D. Rayburn 1985 University of Minnesota University of Minnesota
John W. Hill 1986 Indiana University Indiana University
S.P. Kothari 1986 University of Rochester Massachusetts Institute of Technolgy
Thomas C. Omer 1986 University of Illinois Texas A&M International University
Jeffrey W. Schatzberg 1986 University of Arizona University of Arizona
Jae-Oh Kim 1987 Ohio State University Unknown
Russell J. Lundholm 1987 Stanford University University of Michigan
Charles E. Wasley 1987 Washington University-St. Louis University of Rochester
Satiprasad Bandyopadhyay 1989 University of Waterloo University of Waterloo
Dong C. Kim 1989 Louisiana State University Donge Guk University
Doug Y. Shin 1989 University of Pittsburgh Unknown
Terry D. Warfield 1989 University of Wisconsin-Madison University of Wisconsin-Madison
K. Raghunandan 1990 Bentley College (Mass.) Florida International University
Susan G. Watts 1991 University of British Columbia Purdue University
Iris Stuart 1993 Concordia College (Moorhead, Minn.) California State University- Fullerton
Michael Welker 1993 University of Saskatchewan Queen's University (Canada)
Byeonghee (Ben) Choi 1994 McGill University McGill University
Edward Maydew 1994 University of Chicago University of North Carolina
Robert J. Dosch 1996 Florida State University University of North Dakota
Teri J. Shearer 1996 University of Saskatchewan Queen's University (Canada)
H. Charles Sparks 1996 University of Alaska-Fairbanks University of Alaska-Fairbanks
Geoffrey B. Sprinkle 1996 University of Wisconsin Indiana University
Mohan Venkatachalam 1996 Stanford University Duke University
Hollis Ashbaugh-Skaife 1997 University of Wisconsin-Madison University of Wisconsin-Madison
Shivaram Rajgopal 1998 University of Washington University of Washington
Hong Xie 1998 University of Arizona Syracus University
Kevin Den Adel 1999 Purdue University Central College
John D. Phillips 1999 University of Connecticut University of Connecticut
Theodore Bainbridge 2000 Fort Hays State University Consulting firm
Paul Hribar 2000 Cornell University University of Iowa
Diane Janvrin 2001 Iowa State University Iowa State University
Michael Petersen 2001 Arizona State University Arizona State University
William C. Schwartz, Jr. 2001 University of Arizona University of Arizona
Scott Vandervelde 2001 Georgia State University University of South Carolina
Nicole Thorne Jenkins 2002 Washington University-St. Louis Vanderbilt University
Guojin Gong 2005 Penn State University Penn State University
Christine Wilkenson 2006 Iowa State University Iowa State University
Brad Badertscher 2007 University of Notre Dame University of Notre Dame
Jeff Burks 2007 University of Notre Dame University of Notre Dame
Clayton Forester 2007 University of Minnesota University of Minnesota
Huishan Wan 2007 California State University-East Bay California State University-East Bay
Ron Guymon 2008 Washington University-St. Louis Georgia State University
John McInnis 2008 University of Texas-Austin University of Texas-Austin
David Folsom 2009 Lehigh University Lehigh University
Ricky Cazier 2009 Texas Christian University Texas Christian University
Ryan Blunck 2009 Georgia State University Georgia State University
Michael Maier 2009 University of Alberta University of Alberta
Rong Zhao 2010 Drexel University Drexel University
Andrew Acito 2011 Michigan State University Michigan State University
Matt Glendening 2012 University of Missouri University of Missouri
Xiaoli Tan 2012 Ohio State University Ohio State University
Zhejia Ling 2012 Iowa State University Iowa State University
Mohamad Mazboudi 2012 American University-Beirut American University-Beirut
Jaewoo Kim 2013 University Of Rochester University Of Rochester