Recent PhD Working Papers

Jae Woo Kim — Ph.D. Student

"Illusion of Growth: Merger-Related Growth Distortion and Its Implications for Growth and Accrual Mispricing" with Daniel W. Collins, November 2012

"External Governance, Risk Taking and Outcomes: The Importance of CEO Career Concerns" with Jon Garfinkel and Kyeong Lee, November 2012.

"Counterparty Responses to Managerial Overconfidence" with Paul Hribar, Holly Yang, and Ryan Wilson, October 2012.

"Weighing the Evidence on Earnings Management to Meet Dividend Thresholds" with Kyeong Lee and Erik Lie, October 2012.

"The Choice of Corporate Liquidity and Accounting Conservatism" with Phillip Quinn, December 2011.

Justin Wood — PhD student

Working Paper

"The Role of Litigation-Related Loss Contingency Disclosures in Price Discovery" with Cristi Gleason, W. Bruce Johnson, and Rick Mergenthaler.

Phillip Quinn — PhD student

Working Paper

"Managers and Investor Sentiment" with Paul Hribar and Phillip Quinn, January 2013.