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Accounting Writing Program

The Accounting Writing Program is a unique resource designed to assist students of accounting to develop their writing and argumentation skills. Required courses in the Department of Accounting feature a writing component that challenges students to refine their communicative abilities and deepen their capacity for critical thought and expression. These skills are crucial for success in the professional and academic worlds and enable graduates to communicate confidently regardless of their chosen career path.

Services the Accounting Writing Program provides include:

  • Providing in-class tutorials in preparation for course writing assignments
  • Holding one-on-one advising appointments between writing consultants and students
  • Grading and providing individual feedback on course assignments
  • Conducting and grading departmental writing assessments

For more information or for questions regarding writing assignments or departmental writing assessments, contact Carl Follmer, Assistant Director of the Accounting Writing Program.

The Accounting Writing Program is grateful for the generous support of Deere & Company, the Meredith Corporation, and additional funding from alumni. For further information, visit the About the Accounting Writing Program page.

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