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This document serves as the Bylaws for the University of Iowa Vaughan Institute Young Alumni Board, hereafter referred to as the Board. The Board is an advisory board with working committees aimed at advancing the present and future community of the Vaughan Institute and contributing to the quality of its programs and activities for the benefit of the students. These Bylaws are necessary and are required to be approved by the Vaughan Institute.

The Board’s purpose is to establish strong ties between the Vaughan Institute and its students, faculty and staff, employers, and alumni thereby fostering the advancement of the Institute.

The objectives of the Board are to:

  1. Advocate for the Vaughan Institute by increasing awareness with employers and assist in attracting potential students
  2. Advise the Vaughan Institute on topics such as curriculum, student to career transition, the use of social media, and other items of mutual interest.
  3. Engage and promote the mutual interests of the Vaughan Institute and its alumni and friends.
  4. Support Vaughan Institute students, alumni, and faculty and staff.

The Board shall consist of a minimum of nine volunteers from industry backgrounds , excluding ex - officio members, who are formally recognized as making a commitment to better the Vaughan Institute.

Members of the Board shall be required to have attained a Certificate of Risk Management and Insurance fro m the Vaughan Institute or taken classes in the Vaughan Institute . Members of the Board shall apply for membership. The applications will be reviewed by the Board and the ex - officio members of the Board. A majority vote of those parties shall be required to admit a person to membership on the Board. Members of the Board shall serve a term of two years with the option to continue by a majority vote of the Board. A member may remain on the Board for no more than three successive terms (six years) . Board membership applications will be posted in the fall and reviewed by the Board. New Board members will begin their term in the subsequent fall.

A Board member shall be elected by majority vote to serve as Board Liaison fo r a term of two years . They will be responsible for leading board meetings, organizing and monitoring committees, and serving as a liaison to the Vaughan Institute and the Tippie College Alumni office. In addition, one member of the Board shall be elected to serve as Secretary.

In the case of a Board member’s resignation, the remaining members of the Board shall continue to act. A vacancy shall be filled by a majority vote of the Board. Members elected to fill a vacancy shall serve for the unexpired term of such member’s predecessor.

The Board shall have the right, by a majority vote, to remove and replace any member for cause.

As previously stated, the m embers of the Board are volunteers and shall not receive any salary or other financial or in - kind compensation for th eir services.

There shall be a minimum of three ex - officio members of the Board. The Associate Director of the Vaughan Institute, the Director of Alumni Relations for the Tippie College of Business, the Gamma Iota Sigma President, or any of their designees shall serve as ex - officio members of the Board. They will not have voting rights unless in the event of a tie, where the Associate Director will have a voting right.

The Board shall convene a minimum of two times per year, in the spring and in the fall, on such dates deemed by the Board and in consultation with the Vaughan Institute and Tippie Alumni Office. The fall meeting will be held at the University of Iowa and the spring meeting will held in a Midwest city to be determined each year. A minimum of one meeting will involve current students of the Vaughan Institute. Special meetings of the Board may be called at any time if a majority of Board members deem it necessary after a vote or at the request of an ex-officio member.

Members of the Board shall be expected to attend all meetings, whether in person or via telephone, videoconference, or the like. Written notice of anticipated absence is required and if two consecutive meetings are missed, then the Board shall discuss the status of said member and may vote to remove the member from the Board.

Committees may be responsible for meeting and working in small groups outside of the Fall and Spring Board meetings to work on necessary projects.

A designated member of the Board, the Secretary, will publish minutes of each meeting for all members of the Board and stakeholders of the Vaughan Institute to view. The minutes shall consist of the agenda, a list of present members, and all business discussed. The minutes shall be disseminated to all members of the Board within two weeks of the conclusion of each meeting. The records of the meetings shall be stored in the office of at least one of the ex - officio members.

The Vaughan Institute shall review the progress of the Board to ensure that it is acting in accordance with the best interests of the Vaughan Institute and its stakeholders. If applicable, the Vaughan Institute shall submit recommendations to the Board at least fourteen days prior to a meeting.

Proposed amendments shall be presented to the Board in writing for review. Presented amendments must receive a majority vote and can take effect immediately.

The Board shall be expected to review and discuss the Bylaws annually.

The operating year of the Board shall be July 1 through June 30.

To the extent any of the terms, conditions, or provisions of this document are in conflict with, or in contravention of, any policy of the University of Iowa, such policy of the University shall govern and c ontrol the matter at issue.

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