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Become more involved with the college by volunteering your time and skills.

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Volunteering Opportunities
Please check any of the following that interest you:
Attend a Tippie Table Talk to share your experience and expertise
Host a Fall and/or Spring Trip visit to your company
Help prepare our students by conducting Mock Interviews
Make Congratulatory Calls to newly admitted students to welcome them to the Tippie community
Connect to current students that come to your area for job interviews
Speak in a class or with student organizations
Share your knowledge with those in your geographic area or online
Be a Corporate Ambassador by assisting with Tippie gatherings at your workplace and helping Tippie students obtain internships and employment opportunities
Be an Area Expert by offering advice about your city to alumni new to the area
Assist with Local Events by helping to plan or promote Tippie gatherings
Help plan a Class or Group Reunion to get your friends back together
Mentor students and/or young alumni
Help Recruit for our programs:
M.Ac. MBA, Full-time, PM, EMBA
Other Opportunities
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