Young Alumni Board Summer Mentor Program

The Young Alumni Board matches match mentors and mentees by location first, and secondly by major or career focus. Each mentee will have the opportunity to network in person and expand their internship experience outside of the workplace.

What's a summer mentor?

Summer mentors are Tippie alums, including members or past members of the Tippie Young Alumni Board, who reside in a city where you are interning over the summer. They serve as references over the summer months, helping you acclimate to the area, providing professional advice, and guiding you through the internship.

What does my summer mentor do?

You should expect to be contacted by your mentor as the summer starts and to meet with him or her a few times over the course of your internship. Your mentor can serve as a resource toward the end of your internship, whether in accepting an offer, or as you head back to school and begin your full-time job search. In the end, what you make of your summer mentor is up to you!

Why do I need a mentor?

A summer mentor gives you instant access to the Hawkeye community outside of Iowa City. Mentors can provide a wealth of wisdom related to your new location and help you make the transition from student to professional both during your internship and upon graduation. Additionally, mentors are your first link to the network in your professional field of interest.

How do I sign up for a summer mentor?

The application process for the Summer Mentor Program is now closed. If you are interested in a mentor for the 2016-2017 academic year, learn more about the Year-Round Mentor Program also offered by the Young Alumni Board.