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Business Student Ambassador Organization (BSAO)


About Us

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Who We Are

The Business Student Ambassador Organization (BSAO) represents the Tippie College of Business and the University of Iowa at a variety of college functions. Ambassadors interact with Pappajohn Business Building visitors, acting as hosts at college functions, providing information and assistance to visiting groups, and assisting in student recruitment activities.

Ambassadors gain awareness of college resources, develop leadership and mentoring skills, and increase their involvement within the college of business. Ambassadors also utilize their skills in public speaking, event planning, and networking as they interact with guests and constituents.

Members of BSAO:

  • Serve as an active member of a prominent student organization
  • Share their excitement and experience as an undergraduate student at Tippie
  • Become more engaged with faculty, staff, and peers
  • Inspire prospective students to become part of Tippie
  • Give time and talent back to their college

What We Do

Our duties include hosting college functions, providing information and assistance to visiting groups, facilitating student recruitment activities, and most importantly, providing answers to questions from prospective business students and their families at college events. Ambassadors typically give 5-10 tours per semester and help with 7-12 events per semester. Ambassadors are paid $8/hour.

The Business Student Ambassador Organization assists with the following events.

  • Admit One kick-off
  • Daily tours of the Pappajohn Business Building
  • Direct Admit seminar panels
  • Peer Mentor Program
  • Hawkeye Visit Days
  • Business Preview Days
  • Transfer Preview Days
  • Biz BBQ
  • Major information sessions
  • Tippie clubbing
  • Tippie Fest
  • Family Weekend
  • Business Week
  • Tippie Homecoming picnic


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What are you involved in at Tippie and outside the college?
I am in Delta Sigma Pi professional business fraternity, a peer mentor for Tippie direct admits, the social media assistant for the College of Business, and a campus tour guide. I love to give back to Tippie and the university!

What is your favorite snack at Pat's Diner?
Walking tacos and Cherry Coke Zero!

What has been your favorite class and why?
My favorite class I've taken was one I took over winter break in London—International Marketing with Cathy Cole. Cathy did a wonderful job mixing the terms and information surrounding international marketing with the real life experiences of being in London.

What are you involved in at Tippie and outside the college?
I am involved in Alpha Kappa Psi. I am also a volunteer at the Johnson Country Courthouse and Ronald McDonald House.

What makes Tippie unique?
The feeling—how you can be enrolled at such a large university, but when you are in Tippie it feels like you go to a school of a couple hundred. We are all a family, and the atmosphere here is always welcoming. I don't think that is the way it is at all schools.

What is your dream job?
I hope to be an attorney someday. I want to help defend others who, alone, are unable to defend themselves.

What has been your favorite class and why?
My favorite class that I have taken at the University of Iowa is Spanish Writing. My professor for that class, Ozzie Diaz-Duque, really impacted my learning through his dramatic life story and no-nonsense approach to education. The class assignments challenged me to think critically and stretched me as a student. As a result, my Spanish language skills improved significantly. The class was one of the most fun, interesting, and demanding classes I have taken at Iowa.

Have you studied abroad?
I spent the 2014-15 academic year in Seville, Spain. In terms of growth, this experience takes the cake. I grew academically by learning from professors with different viewpoints than the professors I would normally encounter at Tippie (one of my business professors explained how he thinks nationalizing businesses is an effective manner to stimulate the economy ... that's definitely different than what I hear at Tippie!). I grew culturally by taking classes with Spaniards and other Europeans, making friends with classmates and hanging out with them outside of the classroom, and partaking in all of the events and life that the city had to offer. Finally, I grew personally by developing the life skills necessary to be independent in a large city 5,000 miles away from home for nearly a year. Ultimately, my experience culminated into an expanded worldview, more self-confidence, and a lot of great stories.

Tell us about your internship.
I'm lucky to have experienced a number of internships in a variety of fields, including one with a Fortune 500 company, the state government, and the Honors Program at the University of Iowa. While in Spain, I interned with one of the 100 biggest public companies in the world, Telefonica. Besides significantly increasing my language skills, at Telefonica I gained a unique international business perspective by seeing first-hand how business is conducted in a country substantially distinct from the United States. I applied what I learned in the classroom and at my other internships to international marketing and business development projects for entrepreneurial teams that were seeking investment for their startup. Business classes like Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Introduction to Management, and a variety of marketing classes prepared me for this experience.

What are you involved in at Tippie?
I am involved in the Business Student Ambassador Organization, Alpha Kappa Psi, Hawktrade, and International Buddies.

What's your favorite part about living in Iowa City?
The best part about living in Iowa City is being able to take advantage of all of the food options. Whatever you are looking for, you will be able to find it downtown and know that it will be tasty.

If you could give one piece of advice to first-year students, what would you tell them?
I would encourage first-year students to get involved on campus as much as possible. Clubs and student organizations are a great way to supplement your studies, as well as connect with other students on campus. They can really help make a large university feel like a small community.

What are you involved in at Tippie and outside the college?
I have volunteered to raise money for Habitat for Humanity, have been a River Run training captain, and am actively involved with Young Americans for Liberty.

If you could give one piece of advice to prospective students, what would you tell them?
Think of your time in college as an investment—both financially and personally.

Who has been a mentor to you at Tippie?
My adviser has been an irreplaceable mentor for me at Tippie. She encouraged me to be active within the college and strive for success. I would not be where I am without her guidance.

What is your favorite part about living in Iowa City?
I love the diversity Iowa City possesses. I can walk into campus and be surrounded by beautiful buildings and people, walk a block over to a homey coffee place, or walk another block over and relax by the river. There is always a place to go that will suit my mood.

Why did you come to the University of Iowa?
I actually applied to eight different schools all over the country. Iowa was my first visit, and the Tippie College of Business made me feel right at home. I was confident that I would be comfortable and have a secure future full of opportunities through the business school. I did not plan any college visits after my Iowa visit and knew that Iowa was the place for me.

Tell us about your internship.
I am currently a sports marketing intern for the University of Iowa Sports Marketing Department. I collaborate with coaches to develop and implement successful marketing plans for Big 10 sports, including soccer, cross country, track and field, and softball. I also create and place radio ads to generate awareness among our target markets for these sports. It is one of the many opportunities Iowa has given me, and I love my job.

What is your favorite part about living in Iowa City?
My favorite part about Iowa City is how young the city is. The city is full of energy and makes for an exciting environment.

What is your dream job?
My dream job is to run my own business, preferably in the financial services industry.

Tell us about your internship.
I worked at GE Transportation this past summer in Erie, Pennsylvania, as a financial management program (FMP) intern. It was a very fun and interactive internship as I was able to interact with senior management, as well as work on a project which had over a $1 million effect on yearly sales.

Why did you come to the University of Iowa?
Being a Tippie direct admit was a huge reason that I decided to attend the University of Iowa. Knowing that I could come to the university and already focus on my interests was a huge incentive for me. Also, I love the university campus and come from a long line of Hawkeye alums.

What is your dream job?
To be able to come out of college and work as an analyst in the investment banking industry.

If you could give one piece of advice to prospective students, what would you tell them?
Don't be afraid to try out something new. Often the best opportunities are those that are overlooked.

Describe a project within Tippie that was particularly meaningful to you?
In my Business Communication and Protocol class, I had to compose an email to my professor asking her for a letter of recommendation. It was excellent practice for when I will need to ask someone for a letter of recommendation in the future. I learned a lot about professionalism and sending well-written business emails.

What is your favorite part about living in Iowa City?
For me, it's how Iowa City lives and breathes as a whole. The community, the culture, downtown, the parks, even the people make it a diverse, intellectually engaging, fun, and special place to live.

What is your favorite snack at Pat's Diner?
Chicken salad sandwich, garden salsa Sun Chips, an apple, and black coffee.

What are you involved in at Tippie and outside the college?
I am involved with Dance Marathon leadership and hold a job as a sports marketing intern with the Iowa Athletic Department. I also play intramural sports when I can. Within Tippie, I am a member of the Alpha Kappa Psi business fraternity.

Why did you come to the University of Iowa?
I chose to come to the University of Iowa after visiting campus my senior year of high school. I grew up in a family of Cyclones and didn't know much about Iowa City, but once I stepped on campus I knew that this was where I wanted to be. I loved the mix between small town and big city feel. I was also impressed with the Tippie College of Business and the credentials of professors I now take classes with. Along with that came what I felt was a tight-knit community within Tippie while situated on a much larger campus.

If you could give one piece of advice to prospective students, what would you tell them?
Bring a "Why not?" attitude into anything you do. There are organizations and extracurricular opportunities on campus that suit almost any interest imaginable. These opportunities give students the chance to meet extraordinary people and learn about themselves. Sometimes all it simply takes is saying "Why not?" when given these opportunities. You never know the great things that can happen just by giving something a chance.

Leadership Board

How to Join

BSAO recruits ambassadors in the spring semester using an application and interview process. Ambassadors are selected during the spring and begin formal training the following fall semester.

Applicants must be admitted to the college (or have an application on file for the following fall semester) and have at least two semesters remaining before they graduate.

All ambassadors must attend a mandatory training seminar every Wednesday from 9:30-10:20 a.m. throughout the academic year. In addition, ambassadors are required to complete approximately 15 hours of events and tours each semester.

Use the link below to submit an application!

Desirable Ambassador Attributes

  • Involved!
  • Excited about Tippie
  • Articulate
  • Knowledgeable
  • 15 hours to volunteer each semester