Percent Giving:91%
Wow! We Did It!

Faculty and staff of the Tippie College stepped up and showed that we believe in our institution, our college, and the good work being done at the University of Iowa. We amazed the rest of the university community and the UI Foundation with our impressive participation rate. 91%. Wow.

When we started this campaign, we hoped to reach 60%. Every single unit in this college exceeded that number and four units came in with 100%. This was a great effort and all should be congratulated.

Unit Winners

Greatest Participation
All at 100%:
Dean's Office and CIMBA
Department of Finance
Stead Technology Services Group (STSG) Undergraduate Program Office

Greatest Improvement
92% increase in participation:
Stead Technology Services Group (STSG)

Department Totals
Deans and CIMBA100%
Management & Organizations95%
Marketing 93%
Management Sciences 94%
School of Management 85%
STSG 100%
Undergraduate Program 100%
Winning units will enjoy their prizes and we all get to enjoy coffee and donuts each Friday in the month of November thanks to Dean Gardial.

THANK YOU to everyone who contributed time, talents, and treasure to the "We are Phil" campaign in the Tippie College. Every gift, no matter how small, means a lot. And thanks to the amazing groups of people who worked on specific parts of the campaign:

Coordinating Committee: Amrita Nain, Mike Schluckebier, Rachel Stewart, Mike Colbert, Alice Wang, Misti Huedepohl, John Solow, Tom Walsh, Abby Parker, Joyce Ruplinger, Dan Collins, and Ken Brown

Media and Communications: Barb Thomas, Alina Shybayeva, Rachel Stewart, Linda Knowling, Mike Colbert, Misti Huedepohl, Brian Heil, and Sarah Gardial

Challenges and Reward Donations: Tom Gruca, Sara Rynes, Paul Weller, Terry Boles, Dan Collins, Amy Kristof-Brown, Ken Brown, and Sarah Gardial

Testimonials: Sam Burer, Nancy Hauserman, Jan Fasse, Tom Rietz, Mike Schluckebier, Barb Thomas, Tom Walsh, Anthony Lehnertz, Corey Collins, Cathy Zaharis, John Solow, Austin Ladd, Jackson Yancey, and Sarah Gardial

Foundation Support: Shelly Mott, Jen Knights, and Angie Koberle


Although the college's "competition" is over, the Faculty/Staff Campaign continues throughout the year. Any gift made to any part of the University by a faculty or staff member between July 1, 2013 and June 30, 2014 counts toward this campaign.

For a listing of all University of Iowa funds, see


Strong participation in the TCOB Faculty/Staff Campaign sends a message to our alumni and donors – that we believe in this college and they should, too!

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