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Monday, October 21 at 11:30 a.m.
Andersen (West) Galleria

A crazy week of lunchtime activities begin.
Henry Tippie Video! Speakers!

Why I Give

“I have given to the Frank Communication Center because I believe it’s a function that is critical for our students.”   Read more

Nancy Hauserman    
Nancy Hauserman
Management & Organizations Professor

Any support to the UI counts toward our Faculty/Staff campaign participation goals.
Here are some areas of the TCOB that would love your support:

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Strong participation in the TCOB Faculty/Staff Campaign sends a message to our alumni and donors – that they believe in this college and they should too!

Help your unit earn win a free lunch for either the greatest % of participation or for the greatest % of improvement in participation. Want to see what 5 departments are in the lead in our competitions? Visit the Tippie VIEW by JPEC to see the latest results!

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