Comprehensive Campaign

TCOB Faculty/Staff Campaign

87% Participation

Challenge Winners

Units with 100% participation:

  • Dean's Office/CIMBA
  • Finance
  • Stead Group (STSG)
  • UPO

Greatest increase in participation:

  • STSG (a 92% increase)

When the college met the 75% participation goal, it meant coffee and donuts every Friday in the month of November compliments of Dean Sarah Gardial. Visit the Faculty/Staff lounge and enjoy!

From October 21-November 1, 2013, the faculty and staff of the Tippie College embarked on its first Faculty/Staff Campaign. As of November 13, participation is at 91% and we have surpassed the staff of the Levitt Center (the UI Foundation and Alumni Association) for the highest rate on campus.

Thank you to everyone who contributed time, talents, and treasure to the "We are Phil" campaign in the Tippie College. Every gift, no matter how small, means a lot. And thanks to the amazing groups of people who worked on specific parts of the campaign:

Coordinating Committee: Amrita Nain, Mike Schluckebier, Rachel Stewart, Mike Colbert, Alice Wang, Misti Huedepohl, John Solow, Tom Walsh, Abby Parker, Joyce Ruplinger, Dan Collins, and Ken Brown

Media and Communications: Barb Thomas, Alina Shybayeva, Rachel Stewart, Linda Knowling, Mike Colbert, Misti Huedepohl, Brian Heil, and Sarah Gardial

Challenges and Reward Donations: Tom Gruca, Sara Rynes, Paul Weller, Terry Boles, Dan Collins, Amy Kristof-Brown, Ken Brown, and Sarah Gardial

Testimonials: Sam Burer, Nancy Hauserman, Jan Fasse, Tom Rietz, Mike Schluckebier, Barb Thomas, Tom Walsh, Anthony Lehnertz, Corey Collins, Cathy Zaharis, John Solow, Austin Ladd, Jackson Yancey, and Sarah Gardial

Foundation Support: Shelly Mott, Jen Knights, and Angie Koberle