About Tippie

Alumni Relations

The Tippie College of Business has more than 45,000 living alumni in all parts of the world. The Tippie Alumni Relations Office leads our efforts to develop and build an alumni program that will foster relationships and engage alumni in the life of the college.

The office's efforts are many and include a monthly message that provides alumni with a brief description of upcoming events and activities. In addition, many of our alumni receive Tippie News, the college's monthly e-newsletter with news, media coverage, events, and other information for friends of the Tippie College. However, this can't happen if we don't have updated email addresses for our alumni. Updating alumni information is easy through our web form.

The Alumni Relations Office also coordinates a number of alumni events including Homecoming, location-specific events in cities where we have clusters of alumni, and corporate events that bring together alumni who work for the same company.

If you'd like to share your ideas on Tippie's alumni program, please contact us.