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Digital Signage

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Communications and External Relations

The Communications and External Relations Team provides visibility, publicity, support, and marketing advice to college administration, units and programs, faculty, staff, students, and organizations. Its primary goals are to:

  • Develop and promote the Henry B. Tippie College of Business brand;
  • Promote, market, and support the programs, activities, organizations, and individuals affiliated with the college;
  • Develop pride and loyalty in the Tippie College among alumni, Iowa's citizens, and others affiliated with the college and the University of Iowa;
  • Use the most cost-effective and efficient print and electronic methods, vehicles, and processes to communicate with constituencies of the Tippie College;
  • Develop, foster, and expand the university's relationship with its many alumni via the establishment of active alumni chapters/clubs in key cities, and alumni-centered events;
  • Maintain the Tippie College website to provide vital information and to keep it fresh and vibrant;
  • Work with college departments and units to engage guest speakers to share their professional perspectives with our students. Encourage those speakers to consider hiring Iowa students and provide them with a link to career services;
  • Strengthen relationships with key business leaders in the region.