About Tippie


If you're charged with producing communications materials for one of the college's department, centers, or programs, you'll want to bookmark this page. In this section, you'll find information on a variety of topics, including the following:

University of Iowa Resources

UI Editorial Style—The University of Iowa's general writing style for print and the web follows the Associated Press 2011 Stylebook, a widely accepted, easy-to-use style guide. Not familiar with AP style? Here's a quickie AP cheat sheet. The chief spelling reference is Webster's New World College Dictionary.

Unique University of Iowa Style—Writers will want to make sure to know the rules regarding UI building names, programs, and other items unique to our campus. It's not a list you'll probably want to read through, but if you ever wonder if you have a program name correct, or what to use on second reference, this will be a handy guide.

UI Graphic Standards—It's also important to know the specific UI graphic standards to following when using the UI wordmark and various other logos.

Tippie Resources

Tippie Style Guide—Available here is a manual to help you produce communications that follow Tippie style guidelines.

The Tippie Brand—The materials here will assist you in the production of print and electronic projects that reflect the Tippie brand, through use of Tippie logos, color, and typography.

The Power of I—This statement is part of a branding campaign for the college and includes three attributes specific to the college: Integrity. Innovation. Impact.

Tippie Logos—Here you will find downloadable versions of the Tippie logo, the combined Tippie/UI logo, School of Management logo, and links to the university's wordmark and logos.

Templates—These PowerPoint templates that contain Tippie logos are available for your use.