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UI Graphic Standards

The University of Iowa is committed to having a cohesive visual identity system that reinforces the university's position as a leading educational institution and separates it from other institutions at a glance. Consistent and correct use of identity elements, such as the university's logo, enhances the university's image, making it clear that many excellent departments, colleges, schools, and programs contribute to the makeup of the University of Iowa. Furthermore, the status of each smaller entity is promoted by its close identification with this university.

All communications from the university, especially to external audiences, should be of excellent quality, since they are reflections of the University of Iowa. A household may receive printed communications from the university geared to parents, alumni, prospective students, community leaders, or hospital patients, but no matter where these materials originated, as far as the audience is concerned, they are all messages from the University of Iowa.

For complete University of Iowa identity standards and a UI editorial style guide, visit www.uiowa.edu/graphics/index.html.