About Tippie

William C. (Curt) Hunter

Curt HunterWilliam C. (Curt) Hunter was dean of the Tippie College of Business from 2006 to 2012. Hunter received a B.S. in business and economics from Hampton University in 1970, an MBA in finance from Northwestern University in 1972, and a Ph.D. in finance and environment from Northwestern University in 1978.

Hunter's tenure as dean was marked by many achievements.

After a two-year process, a new career-focused, Full-time MBA Program was implemented during the 2009-10 academic year. The cornerstones of the new curriculum are three career-focused academies—Marketing, Finance, and Strategic Innovation—and a new curriculum invigorated with a focus on leadership, experiential learning, global perspectives, social responsibility, and ethics that will better prepare students for success in the marketplace. The program also launched the Business Solutions Center, which provides expanded experiential learning opportunities for students and simultaneously provides their clients in the state, region, and the nation with insightful solutions and strategies to effectively deal with their complex business challenges.

The college expanded its global footprint with a new MBA program in Asolo, Italy, and the Consortium of Universities for International Studies (CUIS) Study Abroad Program in Paderno del Grappa, Italy.

Steep growth in the demand for the undergraduate business major led to the establishment of a tuition supplement for juniors and seniors. Revenue from the supplement supports increased advising services as well as expanded course offerings in high-demand majors such as finance, accounting, and marketing. About 15 percent of the supplement is set aside for financial aid for Tippie students.

A new online bachelor's degree in business management began in the fall of 2011, offered to students across the state. The online BBA, with a concentration in entrepreneurial management, is taught by faculty members who have designed courses to meet the needs of traditional students and working professionals.

Prior to coming to Iowa he served as dean and Distinguished Professor of Finance at the University of Connecticut’s School of Business from 2003 to 2006. He served as senior vice president and director of research for the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago (1995-2003); held several positions ending as vice president of basic research and financial markets (1991-95) with the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta; and held faculty positions at the Emory University School of Business, the Atlanta University Graduate School of Business, and the University of Georgia.

During his career, he received a Career Achievement Award from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University (1992) and the President's Award for Excellence from the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago (1999). In addition, he served as executive co-editor of the Journal of Financial Stability and associate editor of several journals, including the Journal of Applied Finance, Review of Financial Economics, and the Journal of Entrepreneurial Finance and Business Ventures, among others. Hunter published more than 80 articles in leading academic and policy journals and was co-editor of seven books.