Faculty Research

Rabah Amir
  • Corruption and socially optimal entry, Journal of Public Economics, vol 123, 2015, 30-41
  • Optimal Licensing of Uncertain Patents in the Shadow of Litigation, Games and Economic Behavior, vol 88, 2014, 320-338
  • Free entry versus socially optimal entry, Journal of Economic Theory, vol 154, 2014, 121-135

David Frisvold

Antonio Galvao
  • Efficient minimum distance estimator for quantile regression fixed effects panel data, Journal of Multivariate Analysis, vol 133, 2015, 1-26
  • Testing linearity against threshold effects: uniform inference in quantile regression, Annals of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics, vol 66, 2014, 413-439
  • Estimation and inference for linear panel data models under misspecification when both n and T are large, Journal of Business & Economic Statistics, vol 32, 2014, 285-309

Martin Gervais

Kyungmin Kim

Alexandre Poirier

Al Ringleb
  • The CIMBA MBA leadership process, NeuroLeadership Journal, vol 2, 2009, 42-52

Alice Schoonbroodt

John Solow
  • The Demand for Aggressive Behavior in American Stock Car Racing, Springer, vol 4, 2012, 79-95
  • Salary Caps in a Model of Talent Allocation, Springer, 2012
  • A Nash Bargaining Model of the Salaries of Elite Free Agents, Journal of Sports Economics, 2011

Suyong Song
  • Time Variation in the Relative Importance of Permanent and Transitory Components in the U.S. Housing Market, Finance Research Letter, vol 12, 2015, 92-99
  • Semiparametric Estimation of Models with Conditional Moment Restrictions in the Presence of Nonclassical Measurement Errors, Journal of Econometrics, vol 185, 2015, 95-109

Anne Villamil
  • The Effects of Credit Subsidies on Development, Economic Theory, vol 58, 2015, 1-30
  • Entrepreneurs, Risk Aversion and Firm Dynamics, Journal of Political Economy, vol 123, 2015, 1133-1176
  • Costly Intermediation & Consumption Smoothing, Economic Inquiry, vol 51, 2013, 459-472

Nicholas Yannelis

Armando Zavaleta

Nicolas Ziebarth