Faculty Research

Rabah Amir
  • Thematic clubs and the supremacy of network externalities, Journal of Public Economic Theory, vol 16, 2014, 706–729
  • Endogenous timing in mixed duopoly, International Journal of Game Theory, vol 43, 2014, 629-658
  • Asset market games of survival: A synthesis of evolutionary and dynamic games, Annals of Finance, 2013, 121-144

David Frisvold

Antonio Galvao
  • Testing linearity against threshold effects: uniform inference in quantile regression, Annals of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics, vol 66, 2014, 413-439
  • Assessing the performance of estimators for models with measurement errors, Handbook of Financial Econometric and Statistics , Chapter 57, 2014
  • On testing the equality of mean and quantile effects, Journal of Econometric Methods, vol 3, 2013, 47–62

Martin Gervais

Kyungmin Kim
  • Information Acquisition in a War of Attrition, American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, vol 6, 2014, 37-78
  • Honesty vs. Advocacy, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, vol 105, 2014, 51-74
  • Endogenous Market Segmentation for Lemons, Rand Journal of Economics, vol 43, 2012, 562-576

Forrest Nelson

George Neumann

Alexandre Poirier

Raymond Riezman
  • The Effect of Parental Labor Supply on Child Schooling: Evidence from Trade Liberalization in India, Review of Economics of the Household, 2013
  • International Trade and the Feasibility of Global Climate Change Agreements, Economic Modeling, 2013
  • International Trade Agreements and Political Economy, World Scientific, 2013

Al Ringleb
  • The CIMBA MBA leadership process, NeuroLeadership Journal, vol 2, 2009, 42-52

Alice Schoonbroodt

John Solow
  • The Demand for Aggressive Behavior in American Stock Car Racing, Springer, vol 4, 2012, 79-95
  • Salary Caps in a Model of Talent Allocation, Springer, 2012
  • A Nash Bargaining Model of the Salaries of Elite Free Agents, Journal of Sports Economics, 2011

Anne Villamil
  • Costly Intermediation & Consumption Smoothing, Economic Inquiry, vol 51, 2013, 459-472
  • The Effect of Financial Enforcement on Entrepreneurship in a Growth Miracle, The Manchester School, vol 79, 2011, 567-593
  • Entrepreueurship, Finance and Employment, Annals of Finance, vol 5, 2009, 289-293

Nicholas Yannelis

Nicolas Ziebarth