Recent Placements and Flyouts

Anson HoAnson Tai Yat Ho
Ph.D. 2011
Assistant Professor of Economics
Kansas State University
Latchezar Popov Latchezar Popov
Ph.D. 2009
Assistant Professor of Economics
University of Virginia
Brent Hickman Brent Hickman
Ph.D. 2010
Assistant Professor of Economics
University of Chicago
Michael Waugh Michael Waugh
Ph.D. 2008
Assistant Professor of Economics
New York University, Stern School of Business
Piyusha MutrejaPiyusha Mutreja
Ph.D. 2010
Assistant Professor of Economics
Syracuse University
Andriy Norets Andriy Norets
Ph.D. 2007
Assistant Professor of Economics
Princeton University

Below is a list of flyouts (academic and non-academic institutions) for Iowa Ph.D. students who were on the market in 2007-2011. Over these five years, we had a total of 24 students on the market.

Academic Institutions

Australian National University
Bates College
Bloomsburg University
Boston University
CERGE-EI, Czech Republic
Coe College
College of the Holy Cross
Collegio Carlo-Alberto, Italy
Concordia University, Montreal, Canada
Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
Depauw University
Duke University
Elon University
Georgetown University
Hartwick University
Johns Hopkins University
Kansas State University
Kent State University
Kyiv School of Economics, Ukraine
New York University
North Carolina Central University
Ohio Wesleyan University
Pennsylvania State University
Princeton University
Purdue University
Sabanci University, Turkey
San Francisco State University
Singapore Management University
Southern Methodist University
State University of New York-Stony Brook
Stonehill College
Syracuse University
Texas Tech University
University College London, England
University of  Calgary, Canada
University of Arizona
University of California-Berkeley
University of Chicago
University of Colorado
University of Georgia
University of Illinois
University of Kentucky
University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth
University of Michigan
University of Minnesota
University of New South Wales, Australia
University of Notre Dame
University of Oregon
University of Oslo, Norway
University of Pennsylvania
University of Queensland, Australia
University of Regina, Canada
University of Rochester
University of South Carolina
University of Technology Sydney, Australia
University of Virginia
University of Warwick, England
University of Washington
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
Washington University

Nonacademic Institutions

Bank of Canada
Bank of Japan
Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve
EPA—Natl Center for Environmental Economics
Fed. Reserve Bank of New York
Fed. Reserve Bank of Richmond
Human Capital Res. Institute, Chicago
International Monetary Fund
IXI Corp., Equifax
Korea Insurance Research Institute
Samsung Economic Research Institute, Korea
Tenaska Inc.
U.S. Bureau of Census
U.S. Dept of Agriculture
U.S. Naval Academy
Union Bank

Notes: Flyouts to multiple departments within the same institution are listed only once. Flyouts by multiple students to the same institution are listed only once.