Elected Staff Council Bylaws

Article I: Name

The name of this organization shall be the Elected Staff Council of the Henry B. Tippie College of Business of the University of Iowa, hereafter referred to as ESC.

Article II: Missions and Goals

The ESC is an elected body that represents the following staff members:

  1. Professional and Scientific
  2. Merit Staff who are Supervisory Exempt

The goals of the ESC are to:

  1. Develop and promote activities and opportunities to enhance the quality of worklife for represented staff
  2. Advocate changes or improvements for represented staff
  3. Advise the college administration on policies affecting staff members, and
  4. Inform constituents of the activities of the ESC.

Article III: ESC News

ESC information and minutes of meetings will be posted on the ESC website, tippie.uiowa.edu/esc.

Article IV: Elections


  1. The staff council shall be comprised of P&S and merit exempt personnel holding a permanent appointment of 50% time or more from within the college and those assigned to the TCOB by other units. Eligible individuals must have one year or more of work in TCOB.
  2. ESC will be composed of seven members. One individual should represent each of the following areas:
    1) Dean's Office
    2) Stead Technology Services Group
    3) Undergraduate Program Office
    4) School of Management
    5) the six academic departments and library staff
    6) CUIS/CIMBA, JPEC, and other centers and institutes that are not housed under an aforementioned area 
    7) an at-large member (any P&S or merit exempt personnel holding a permanent appointment of 50% time or more within the college).

  3. The Elected Faculty Council may appoint one representative from the EFC to act in a nonvoting role.

Election of members

  1. Elections shall be organized and completed under the direction of the chair of the ESC annually in February with terms beginning in May. (P&S and merit exempt staff are eligible to cast a vote.)
  2. Ties will be resolved by random selection.
  3. The election of individuals shall be completed as follows:

    • One ballot, together with a list of eligible staff classified by area will be distributed to each eligible staff member.
    • Each staff member may vote for one person from each of the represented areas.
    • The person from each area receiving the highest number of votes will be contacted to ascertain whether they are willing to serve. If any person is unwilling to serve, the person with the next highest number of votes will then be contacted.

  4. The length of term shall be two years for each elected member.
  5. No individual from any voting area may serve consecutive terms, unless all other members from that area decline to serve.

Article V: Officers

There will be three officers: chair, vice-chair, and secretary, each serving one-year terms. Members of the ESC will elect officers. Chair or designee will announce meeting agenda, preside at meetings, organize elections, and attend College Council meetings. Vice-chair acts in chair's capacity when chair is unable to do so and attends Elected Faculty Council meetings (pending approval by the EFC). Secretary writes and distributes minutes of meetings to all staff.

One ESC member will represent the Tippie College of Business (org 12) on the University of Iowa Staff Council (UISC) for a three-year term. This member may volunteer or be appointed by the ESC members and may be a newly elected member or a member whose term has just ended. The UISC member will attend monthly UISC meetings and serve on one committee per the requirements for UISC. The UISC member will report updates and pertinent information to the ESC and to the Tippie College of Business staff.

Article VI: Meetings

  1. Meetings of the ESC shall be open.
  2. The ESC meets monthly and at such other times as may be necessary.
  3. The chair or designee will call all meetings of the ESC. The chair will announce the agenda prior to the meeting via electronic mail.
  4. The council will meet with the dean of the college at least annually.

Article VII: Vacancies

In the event of a vacancy on the ESC, the chair and the vice-chair will appoint a new member from that unit/department with the approval of the ESC.

Article VIII: Amendments

These bylaws may be amended at the regular monthly meeting of the council by a two-thirds vote, provided that the amendment has been introduced to the council at the previous regular meeting.

Article IX: Special Projects

ESC shall be responsible for administration of special projects as requested by the dean or senior associate dean of the college. ESC may utilize committees composed of college staff to plan, develop, and implement activities and projects.


Bylaws approved 4/99

Amended 2/2014