ESC Committees

To promote staff interest and involvement in the Tippie College of Business, the Elected Staff Council (ESC) has formed four committees to advise and support its activities. The committees are open to any staff member in the Tippie College. The activities listed below the committee include some of the topics addressed by each committee, but the committee itself determines the activities it sponsors.

Community Activities/Philanthropy

To encourage staff/faculty participation in philanthropic activities to benefit the community

  • School supply drive
  • Thanksgiving/Holiday drive
  • Community programs
  • Cultural events (inclusive)

Recognition/Internal Communication

This committee has two facets: 1) to facilitate current awards (Edith Ennis Award and Tippie Thanks) and develop additional ways to recognize individual and team accomplishments within the college and 2) to explore and implement alternative avenues of communication across the college.

  • Years of service (newsletter)
  • Tippie Thanks
  • Orientation packet/program

Staff Development and Education

To promote staff development by sponsoring educational events and promoting learning opportunities available through other sources on campus

  • Dining etiquette
  • Wellness series
  • Brown bag lunch (faculty mini-lectures, departments, centers)
  • Diversity Dialogues

Social Events

To foster a sense of community and collegiality within the Tippie College of Business by sponsoring informal social gatherings and events throughout the year.

  • Year-End Picnic and Fall Kickoff Breakfast
  • Ice cream social
  • Halloween party

Every staff person in the college is encouraged to join a committee. Please contact the ESC members if you are interested.