Paid Leave for Professional, Job-Related Development

P&S employees who have been employed with the college for a minimum of two years may apply for a paid leave of up to one month (with possible exceptions) for the purpose of professional, job-related development. This program is intended to provide skills and experiences that will be beneficial to both the employee and the college, and is not intended to replace regularly supported staff development.

There is no limit to the number of applications an employee may submit; however, staff may only obtain an approved developmental leave once every two years. Staff members who change positions within the Henry B. Tippie College of Business should serve a minimum of six months in their current position to be eligible for this program.

View and print a copy of the Request for Paid Leave for Professional, Job-Related Development. This form will require a written proposal, which explains how the program of study, research, or other professional activity will contribute to the development of the staff member and the improvement of the college. The applicant must have approval of the departmental executive officer or relevant supervisor and dean, and should propose a leave during a time that does not create significant work conflicts.

Such leaves are granted with the requirement that the recipient return to the dollege thereafter for a minimum of double the length of time of the approved leave. At the conclusion of the leave, a brief written summary of the experience must be submitted to the Dean's Office and to the staff member's supervisor.


A subcommittee of the Elected Staff Council will review the applications and submit recommendations to the dean. The dean (or official designee) will review all applications and will consider the recommendations of the ESC subcommittee before making final decisions. Selection will be competitive, and the college reserves the right to limit the number of individual P&S staff members who qualify annually. A limited amount is available each semester and gifts may range in value in reaction to the number of requests received.