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Tippie Thanks

You know great work when you see it. Now there's a simple way to recognize excellence:

Tippie Thanks—a program that lets YOU recognize your colleagues.

It might be for:

  • going the extra mile to get a project done, and done well
  • being positive and a pleasure to work with
  • stepping up to the plate to help with a project or assist a student
  • always completing what is asked
  • any other action that is appreciated by others

Who may initiate the Tippie Thanks recognition?
Anyone holding an appointment in the Tippie College of Business

Who can be recognized by Tippie Thanks?
Faculty, staff, student employees, and affiliates of the college—individuals or teams

How do you initiate the Tippie Thanks recognition?
Complete and submit the form at right.

What happens next?
A copy of your Tippie Thanks is sent to Dean Sarah Fisher Gardial and the recipient's immediate supervisor.