Admissions Procedure

Applications for admission to the program are accepted on a continuous basis. Candidates may apply to CIMBA by completing the online Application for Admission form. Candidates may telephone CIMBA at its office in Italy (+39-0423-951090) or send an e-mail to to receive additional information.

Candidates should note that applications cannot be reviewed formally until all credentials and official documents have been received. Candidates are responsible for ensuring that all necessary forms and other materials are submitted for the Committee's consideration. To ensure that candidates selected are provided a productive work environment with amble workspace and appropriate access to professors, coaches, computers, and libraries, enrollment is strictly limited.

Personal Interview

In assessing candidates for many of these criteria, CIMBA relies on a personal interview with the candidate. Importantly, it is CIMBA’s policy to require an interview prior to the formal review of a candidate’s admission file. This has been CIMBA’s policy since the program’s inception. Although these interviews take a tremendous amount of time and effort on the part of the CIMBA staff and alumni, it is our conviction that it will be our people who manage and lead organizations, not their test scores or grade point averages. In this way, a candidate’s personal interview takes a very prominent role in the selection process.