The CIMBA Advantage

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The Practice of Management

We at CIMBA are well aware that the strongest ideas come from a deep knowledge and understanding of the concepts that underlie business—information delivered by great professors to intellectually curious students in high-energy classrooms. Unfortunately, the tools and the ideas they may generate are not enough to prepare you to effectively manage and lead others to higher levels of performance.

At CIMBA, we have a singular focus on the practice of management, not the practice of business theory. We understand the importance of the tools and the ideas they generate, but the effective practice of management compels us to ask:

  • What does a manager actually do with an idea those tools have generated?
  • How does a manager make such an idea actionable or operationally effective?

At CIMBA, you will learn to apply rational process for making decisions, solving problems, and communicating your thinking to others to make those ideas actionable. But is that enough to prepare you to manage and lead others? In the process of making your idea actionable, how will you influence others to follow you, to see your vision? The effective practice of management compels us to ask:

  • How does a manager persuade, motivate, inspire and assist others to accept the decision and implement a plan?

At CIMBA, you will develop effective leadership behavior skills with the assistance of certified leadership development coaches in a real world environment.

The CIMBA Advantage: Knowledge, Rational Process, and Leadership Behavior for the Effective Practice of Management.