The CIMBA Advantage

Leadership Development Process

The CIMBA Leadership Development Process begins with LIFE, Leadership Initiative for Excellence, an intensive, highly interactive, experiential workshop that assists you in identifying your leadership key capability strengths and weaknesses.

After LIFE, you set out your basic beliefs and develop a personal career strategy to identify key capability career needs. A personal development plan for the year is then developed that will include periodic assessments to measure and benchmark key capabilities to assist you in systematically addressing shortcomings and promoting strengths.

A series of leadership assessments (including both Self and 360° assessments) are undertaken to identify the depth and breadth of your current leadership key capabilities initially, and to then to assist in monitoring your development progress thereafter.

In addition to your one-on-one coaching sessions (both planned and spontaneous) throughout the year, group work sessions increase your managerial effectiveness by providing skill-building opportunities on the functional aspects of peer, team and executive coaching.

The MBA Consulting and Six Sigma projects provide a real-world forum in which to explore your leadership skills with continuous feedback from coaches, professors, and your fellow students.