The CIMBA Advantage

Diversity of the Student Body

The typical CIMBA student body is a balanced mix of students from North America, Europe, and other countries who view international opportunities as indispensable to their personal career development.

The unique combination of the student body's diversity and global focus and the MBA program's intensity, emphasis on soft skill development, and international setting brings about a level of interdependence and mutual support far higher than in programs more "domestic" in orientation. That interdependence and mutual support are fundamental to the learning environment of an MBA program where honest feedback both from fellow students and leadership development coaches is essential to your personal development as a manager and a leader.

Part-time MBA

Because many courses are taken with full-time students, the CIMBA part-time program is one of most international part-time MBA programs in the world. The depth and scope of the CIMBA Part-time MBA program learning environment is significantly influenced by the full-time student body. and the living environment they work together to create.