The CIMBA Advantage

A Higher Level

The CIMBA learning environment goes well beyond assessing your proficiency at memorizing content. It is about teaching, training, and developing you to manage people for the purpose of creating a work environment where your skills motivate, inspire, and assist them to higher levels of performance.

Learning Environment

The CIMBA learning environment has a singular objective: to provide you with meaningful learning opportunities and experiences conducive to the systematic development of key capabilities necessary for the effective practice of management. Learning opportunities and experiences for the development of fundamental soft skills are purposely integrated into every class, activity and project in the program.

The CIMBA learning environment encourages the open exchange of ideas and information among professors, coaches, and students. Highly-interactive classes create a demanding and rigorous learning environment by fostering a question-based, active-learning, active-listening atmosphere.

In combination with the experiential learning provided by Consulting and Six Sigma projects, the CIMBA classroom also provides a methodical and systematic means by which to explore and develop rational process fundamental key capabilities. Through the active involvement of the leadership development coaches, the learning environment provides you with the necessary support and encouragement to explore and experiment with leadership-behavior key capabilities.

Continuous formal and informal feedback from coaches, professors (all sensitized in the essentials of coaching and leadership-behavior), and fellow students provide invaluable input for your growth and development as an effective manager throughout the length of the program and beyond.