The CIMBA Advantage

CIMBA Process Facilitators

As a "Tregoe" school of business, experienced process facilitators within CIMBA are specifically certified by KT as Program Leaders to both train and coach professors, students, and staff members on the use and application of KT tools.

Becoming a Kepner-Tregoe Program Leader is a challenging and rigorous process. Program Leaders are certified to teach a specific process using Kepner-Tregoe materials, to facilitate groups using this process, and to lead efforts to integrate use of this process into every class, activity, and project in the program. Program Leader candidates are selected in consultation with Kepner-Tregoe. Four peopleCertification is achieved by attending the Leader Development Institute and successfully completing a "first teach," observed by a Kepner-Tregoe. Within CIMBA, Program Leaders serve as rational process consultants, coaches, and facilitators.

Cristina Turchet

Cristina Turchet is the Associate Director of the Consortium of Universities for International Studies. She also directs the CIMBA undergraduate campus. She holds a degree in Economics and Commerce from the University of Venice, as well as an MBA from CIMBA. Previous to her employment with CIMBA, she worked as a project manager and then as a marketing manager for the software company Memory Informatica. Ms. Turchet has been an invaluable addition to the CIMBA program since 1993. She works in Italy at both the graduate and undergraduate campuses, coordinating programs, working with students and staff, and overseeing operations. Her skills and dedication have helped CIMBA develop into one of the world's foremost international MBA programs.