The CIMBA Advantage

What CIMBA Offers

  • World-Class Professors who bring experience to the classroom
  • Certified Coaches to develop your leadership skills
  • Experienced Facilitators to develop your managerial thinking skills
  • Real World Learning through experiential or action-based projects

What You'll Gain

The CIMBA Advantage

Imagine finding yourself standing in front of a large block of beautiful white marble stone. You have the idea to create a new statue of David. You have been told by your "business school" that the heavy hammer and shiny chisel in your hands are the tools you need to carve a great statue. You have the tools and you have the ideas, but are you adequately prepared to undertake the responsibility? Do you know how to proceed, to manage and lead, or are you about to damage or destroy a valuable, irreplaceable piece of stone and perhaps a once in-a-lifetime opportunity?

At CIMBA, becoming an effective manager and leader involves more than just acquiring the tools to generate ideas. The CIMBA Advantage is about developing the skills to turn those ideas into practical innovations. To effectively manage and lead others to higher levels of performance. To wake up the leader in you so you can be confident in your abilities to overcome the most demanding challenges. Even if it is creating a new David.