The CIMBA Advantage

Learning Objective

To build an understanding of the functional aspects of business— accounting, business analysis, economics, finance, human resources, information systems, management, marketing, operations, and strategy.

Knowledge Component

At CIMBA, the knowledge component teaches you the functional aspects of business through accounting, business analysis, finance, information systems, management, marketing, strategy and other courses. As in more traditional programs, the sequencing of core and elective courses at CIMBA provides you with strong grounding in fundamental business disciplines.

Your learning is enhanced through small, highly interactive classes emphasizing a question-based, active-learning, active-listening, environment that best encourages the open exchange of ideas and information. In addition to functional business courses, you will also be involved in intensive language training and a series of personal interest courses ranging from Italian wine tastings, cooking classes and art appreciation to business etiquette and protocol.

With all professors using Kepner-Tregoe managerial thinking process tools, the classroom learning environment moves away from the mere transfer of traditional course material to how such information is used in the effective practice of management. By focusing on content-in-context, the models, axioms, formulas, and theorems defining the practice of business are viewed as informational inputs into managerial thinking processes. In this way, you build managerial key capabilities fundamental to asking the right questions, identifying situations that require managerial action, recognizing and breaking apart actions that overlap, and setting managerial priorities.

In promoting the growth and development of the soft skills you need to become an effective manager, the CIMBA knowledge component and the professors who lead it blend and unify your understanding of the functional aspects of business with your managerial rational process and leadership behavior skills.