The CIMBA Advantage

Learning Objective

To provide systematic managerial thinking tools to assist in understanding and communicating how information will be used in making decisions and solving problems.

Rational Process Component

At CIMBA, the process component trains you in core managerial thinking processes -- decision analysis, problem analysis, potential problem analysis, negotiation analysis, situation appraisal, project management, and innovation. Systematic, rational-process thinking tools assist you as an effective manager in translating information into Kepner-Tregoe booksactionable managerial activities, and provide common language and common guidelines for their effective communication and implementation. CIMBA uses managerial process tools developed by Kepner-Tregoe (KT) and integrates them into every class, activity, and project.

No other MBA program expressly recognizes the importance of providing students with managerial thinking process training due again to CIMBA’s focus on the effective practice of management. By providing common language and common guidelines, the KT process tools significantly improve your managerial communication and team productivity skills by making your thinking processes visible and understandable CIMBA professorto others. In the absence of an express communication technology such as KT, you will rely on your personal and idiosyncratic “techniques” for such fundamental communications, forcing subordinates and team members to decipher what information is important and how it is going to be used by you in making decisions and solving problems.

Importantly, as a program with a diverse, international student body, CIMBA has found that the KT process tools are universally applicable, regardless of cultural setting or content. Whether European, Asian or American, as a result of common human experiences all are equipped with very similar patterns of thinking; KT improves your ability to communicate that thinking.