CIMBA Alumni Association

The CIMBA Alumni Association was founded in 1996. Prior to its legal creation, class alumni created informal organizations that allowed classmates to stay in touch with both each other and CIMBA. In recognition of their growing numbers, diversity, geographic reach, and business success of CIMBA alumni, several successful alumni from a variety of MBA classes worked together with CIMBA to formally create the CIMBA Alumni Association. Through activities and events sponsored by the Alumni Association and its various branches worldwide, the Alumni Association services to actively support alumni entrepreneurial and professional interests.

One of the most important contributions of the CIMBA Alumni Association has been the CIMBA Alumni Network. As an alumnus, your connection with the CIMBA Alumni Network is a lifelong relationship. Beginning from the day you enter CIMBA, you join an active and involved community of alumni who value the personal friendships and professional connections created by their involvement with CIMBA. The CIMBA Alumni Network serves to maintain and support this extraordinary camaraderie through events that encourage alumni to both reconnect and continue to build their personal and professional networks.

The CIMBA Alumni Network allows the Alumni Association to offer the following special services and benefits to registered alumni through a secure Web portal:

  • Search tools for finding former colleagues and friends
  • News about fellow alumni
  • Updates on program faculty, innovations and developments
  • Contact info for updating Personal Profile
  • Career resources for job searches and hiring
  • Events that help alumni stay informed and connected