Career Services


CIMBA has consistently placed its graduates within three months of completing the program—most of them in the U.S. and Europe. CIMBA alumni hold a significantly higher percentage of senior manager, entrepreneur, and business owner positions due to the program's singular focus on management development. It is CIMBA's expectation that a graduate's first promotion will carry with it significant increases in managerial responsibility and accountability. Alumni are committed to the belief that managers have the social responsibility to use their exceptional skills to generate jobs and opportunities for others.

Career Services

A key advantage of CIMBA's small class sizes is the highly personalized support and guidance it is able to provide. If you are like most students, you will enter CIMBA looking for a new career direction or for managerial advancement in your current field. Your goals and aspirations are focused on opportunities where a global mindset and the ability to lead effectively are necessary key capabilities for advancement.

Both MBA Career Services and the comprehensive CIMBA leadership development program are dedicated to fostering an environment in which you accelerate leadership key capability development and explore new career opportunities consistent with your goals and aspirations.

Given the intensity and short duration of the program, you are expected to arrive in Italy with focused career objectives. While securing a job after graduation is your responsibility, MBA Career Services at both CIMBA and the University of Iowa's Tippie School of Management provide a menu of services to support your ongoing process of career management.

We offer a range of career resources and services to provide guidance in how to effectively communicate your skills, experiences, and goals to recruiters and hiring organizations. Your CIMBA Leadership Development Coaches and Tippie MBA Career Services team will assist you with job focus and key capability preparation throughout the program year. You will have the opportunity to develop a range of important career advancement skills and advance your marketability and preparedness for the MBA job search process through:

Group Training

A series of group workshops are held in the summer during your visit to the University of Iowa campus. Topics include:

  • Conducting an effective MBA job search
  • Overview of web resources and tools (including Symplicity, the Tippie MBA Online Recruiting, Resources, and Job Posting System)
  • Resume and cover letter preparation
  • Business networking
  • Interview skills training
  • Job search strategies

Personalized Coaching

You will have access to up to three hours of dedicated individual coaching with a Tippie MBA Career Consultant.

Virtual Resources

Upon approval of a “Tippie quality” MBA resume and 30-minute interview assessment, you can gain access to all career resources available within Symplicity.