Career Services

Career Strategy

At CIMBA, leadership and career development are uniquely interwoven. As an integral part of the leadership development process, you will develop a personal career strategy at the beginning of the program. Through that personal career strategy, and guided by your basic beliefs, you gain an understanding of how to best leverage your innate talents and passions in making your career choice.

The personal career strategy clarifies what it is you want to do, sets out a career roadmap, and identifies and evaluates what your key capability needs will be as you move from one career milestone to the next along that career roadmap. Through the use of assessment information, one-on-one sessions with the leadership development and process coaches, and input from professors, you identify key capability strengths and weaknesses. A personal development plan is developed that will include periodic assessments to measure and benchmark key capabilities needs to assist you in systematically addressing shortcomings and promoting strengths.