Executive Programs

Executive Certificate Programs

Certificate Programs

Executive Certificate programs provide in-depth professional programs aimed at the real needs of practicing managers. CIMBA provides two types of certificate programs: Professional Certification and Executive Certificate programs.

The Professional Certification programs are typically from two to five days in length and focus on developing an in-depth understanding a specific business tool, technique or process such as Six Sigma, Project Management, Innovation, or Managerial Decision Making and Problem Solving. Those attending Professional Certification Programs are looking to develop or significantly upgrade a specific skill needed to improve their managerial performance.

The Executive Certificate programs are several months in duration and involve the use of a mix of managerial and leadership skills for the purpose of meeting the demands of middle and upper management. The programs typically meets two days a month over a six to eight-month time period and normally require a final week of study in the U.S. Those attending Executive Certificate Programs are looking to prepare themselves for significant increases in managerial responsibility and the challenges those responsibilities will present in today’s demanding global environment.