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Business English Courses

Through Business English, CIMBA Executive Programs offers executive education in business English language and communication skill development. In today's demanding global environment, command of business English has become a necessary skill for the effective manager. All programs are taught by native English speakers and implement the latest language acquisition tools and techniques. Consistent with its executive training philosophy in other areas, CIMBA's Business English programs are individually tailored and use key language components from the CIMBA management and leadership core curriculum. The emphasis is on the practical, not the theoretical, development of your business English language skills.

Business English programs are designed for business professionals at all levels of language proficiency. Available in a variety of formats ranging from intensive one-on-one programs to programs designed to fit a specific language need or purpose, our programs take a goals-oriented approach to learning a business language. In every program, the content and approach are adapted to and based on the individual client or company-specific requirements and goals. In serving to achieve those goals, CIMBA Business English uses its extensive expertise in the design and delivery of language development programs to provide the best and most effective learning opportunity.

To inquire about a Business English courses, please contact us at executive@cimba.it.