Executive Programs

Mini-Group Courses

A CIMBA Mini-Group is the perfect solution for those wanting to combine a Group environment with the tailor-made aspects of the One-on-One courses. A Mini-Group effectively gives a small number of people the ability to focus on a topic or goal that especially meets their needs while still learning the skills that come from conversational speaking and listening. A normal group would consist of no more than four people that share a common goal or need. By developing coursework that is introduced in a small group’s conversational environment, we can help develop the English skills you need to learn you more rapidly. Some of the techniques we use are role-playing and topic discussions from real-life business cases. The CIMBA Mini-Group approach is ideal for those that really want to focus on developing their conversational English skills.

To inquire about Mini-Group Business English Courses, please contact us at executive@cimba.it