Executive Programs

One-on-One Business English Courses

CIMBA’s One-on-One English Course is the perfect way to learn or re-learn grammar, vocabulary, or effectively communicate with others in English. We tailor-make a program to reflect your specific needs and goals. By focusing on the areas you want to develop most, your English will rapidly improve and the results will be very evident even after one lesson. Whether for personal or professional development, learning English in CIMBA’s One-to-One course will be designed to maximize the development of your English skills. We use the most effective techniques to develop your speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. With the content and approach fully adaptable to and based on your specific requirements and goals, a one-on-one course can be developed whether you are at an elementary or advanced level of English comprehension. The course is carefully planned and specifically tailored to reflect your needs, goals, and time limitations.

To inquire about One-on-One Business English Courses, please contact us at executive@cimba.it