Leadership Initiative For Excellence

Earn Your Certificate

By completing the LIFE Program and all the listed workshops, you will receive the CIMBA Certificate in Leadership Development.

Growth After LIFE


  • The Neuroscience of Leadership and Brain-based Coaching: Learn how to help people think better in getting things done rather then telling them what to do. An innovative approach that explains scientifically how people learn, why they resist change and what it takes to get them to do their best job.
  • Self-Coaching and Mindfulness: Learn how to coach yourself in terms of developing a systematic goal setting and action plan attitude. You will also learn some powerful techniques that will help you to remain cool under pressure and so managing your energy and stress level in more effective ways.
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making: Two-day workshop that will give you powerful tools to assess situations, analyze problems/opportunities and make decisions, using common language and common guidelines.