Leadership Initiative For Excellence

“The good news is that leaders are not only born, but you can also become a good leader. Leadership starts with a deep self-analysis and a deep self-understanding, absolutely necessary for the development of a secure and honest way of interacting with others. During the Leadership Program I was able touch sides of my personality I didn't even know before. Great people leading the course, introduced me to excellent "instruments" (also through some very important findings of the neuroscience) to start a continuous improvement process that changed deeply my way to see the persons around me and the way how to deal with them making it possible to improve my and their performance.”

— Paul Rindler
Branch Manager
Rehau Spa

LIFE Program Features


Leadership Initiative for Excellence is a course in leadership development that is based on the latest scientific researches of neuroscience. LIFE, either held completely in English or Italian, is open to managers from all over the world. This course is a two and a half day intense and interactive training that will give the participants the opportunity to practice and enhance their own key leadership competencies including effective communication, decision-making, teamwork, focus, and interpersonal skills.

Who should attend this workshop?

LIFE is specifically designed for managers, entrepreneurs and team members focusing on leadership development and self-management, to understand the effect they have on other people and show how they can develop strategies to improve the other team members' skills. LIFE is also recommended for professionals and executives that excel in their technical skills but are often quite uncertain in the area of interpersonal skills.

The Training

This unique training is totally performance-based, meaning people get to practice the behaviors that result in sustainable change, and ultimately growth, in an organization. Experiencing rather than learning; doing rather than watching, participants feel as opposed of being told, the essential qualities of leadership.

The trainings usually start in Friday, at the CIMBA campus in Paderno del Grappa (TV). The check in is at 2.30PM sharp. The program finishes around 4.00PM on Sunday. In the evening of next Tuesday there would be the LIFE debrief through conference call. During the two and a half days of training the participants are required to remain in the campus: food and lodging are provided.

After LIFE, participants can choose to go through some individual coaching sessions and to take assessments to identify strengths, areas for improvements and their style in working with others. This will help them to implement the change they want to introduce in themselves in their daily life, in terms of developing new mental and behavioral habits.


LIFE is provided by experienced and qualified coaches and leadership development professionals with academic backgrounds in education sciences and business management.

For more information

For more information about the LIFE Program or CIMBA, please contact Margherita Lago at executive@cimba.it or call her at +39.0423.951090.