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The CIMBA Part-time MBA program is designed to both minimize disruption to and accelerate you along your career path. It is an intense and unique combination of classroom, real-world, and one-on-one personal development learning experiences. With managerial content, thinking, and leadership skills development consciously integrated into every class, project, and activity within the program you will find both the opportunity and the support to fully develop those personal and professional core competencies necessary for the effective practice of management. The days are long and exciting, replicating the intense and demanding world of business. As a consequence, CIMBA graduates are operational from Day One, with a work and performance ethic that has delivered an impressive record of managerial career accomplishments.

The CIMBA MBA Programs expressly recognize that the practice of management differs significantly from the practice of business. In looking beyond building an understanding for the practice of business, the program expressly emphasizes the importance of developing your managerial thinking and leadership “soft skills.” The development of these soft skills is a demanding journey of self-discovery that cannot be accomplished if confined just to a class or a classroom. To encourage and assist you in this journey, the learning resources at CIMBA are all fully focused on your development as a manager and a leader.

In developing your key capabilities for the effective practice of management, CIMBA combines your understanding of the knowledge or functional aspects of business with managerial process and leadership-behavior learning experiences. CIMBA is the leading program on the integrated use of leadership development coaches and process facilitators in developing your managerial and leadership soft skills.