Executive Programs

Project Characteristics

The most successful MBA Projects share several important characteristics in common: 

First, successful projects directly involve the client company’s top management, including participating in work sessions with the MBA project team and making the necessary decisions at the end of each critical phase of the project.

Second, successful projects are assigned to managers within the client company who have the most direct interest in the project’s outcome. Those managers then work closely with the MBA project team.

Third, successful projects provide the MBA project team with full access to necessary company data to ensure insightful and on-point analysis. CIMBA recognizes that during the course of the project assignment MBA project teams may be entrusted with company information that may be sensitive in nature. For this reason, all client company information is regarded as highly confidential. For each engagement, formal confidentiality agreements are executed by the MBA project team members, the project supervisors, faculty advisors, and the program director.

Finally, successful projects are of significant strategic or operational importance to the client company and have as their fundamental purpose improving the client company’s performance.