Executive Programs

MBA Project Team Profile

The MBA project teams perform the Consulting and Six Sigma projects as an integral and required part of their MBA experience. Many have past consulting or managerial experience and have come to CIMBA to accelerate themselves along their career path. They have been identified as top performers with significant managerial and leadership skill potential. The typical MBA project team has the following characteristics:

  • Three to five MBA members, each with international experience, selected on the basis of project needs
  • Multidisciplinary backgrounds, including Business, Engineering, Finance, Information Technology, Marketing, Operations, and Humanities 
  • Completed the core MBA curriculum, Da Vinci Thinking® analytical, leadership behavior, and process skills including Kepner Tregoe’s situation appraisal, decision analysis, problem analysis, potential problem analysis, and project management
  • Two to seven years of full-time work experience 
  • Average age is 29